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Audio Exceedance Warning


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Our Bell 407 Check Instrument Warning system has a TC and FAA STC.

The entire kit is provided and can be installed easily in 1 day. There is some crimping and integration to the audio panel so it is best to use your local avionics shop. It monitors the NG, MGT and TRQ indicators.

This system is cost effective, light and works. I have had pilots using it for quite a while doing everything from fires to heli-skiing to other long-lining activities and have had no complaints with it going off too much. The alert goes off when you hit the red line. It is designed to work in tandem with the caution light on the panel. It gives the pilot time to react and lets them know instantly they should act and avoid an over torque or over temp. It has proven itself to work and avert costly overhauls and down time.

This whole project came about because our pilots had concerns and brought it to my attention. There has been a lot of input from all concerned into this sytem and we have come up with something that works.


If you would like further information feel free to contact myself,


Ryan Evans

Avionics Manager

E&B Helicopters Ltd.

(250) 287-4421


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Hello all, I'm looking for any info. regarding the aero-dyne exceedance recording/audio warning system. This thread popped up in a google search, but seems to be all I can find. It is installed in a longranger, and seems to be functioning (TQ audio alert starts at about 98%). We have Aerolink software and are able to connect with the unit, which shows data in real-time, but when I try to download any history, no data is transferred. There is a second SD card port in the back, which I have tried as well (machine static, power to bus) and no data was recorded to the card.


Like I said any info. appreciated!

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