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Okay, So We Covered Where To Get Them But Which One To You Like

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I'm in the market for a helmet and I would like to know which you like. I'm looking for opinions from the guys that spend 8-10 hrs with their heads out the window. I am just doing reserch for next season and I'm sick of my SPH-3, so essentially I'm looking for a comparison between the Gallet and the Alpha series.


Any input would be appreciated!





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I looked at the Alpha and ended up buying a Gallet LH250 after doing alot of research. I have only had it for about one week, and although most of that time has been spent fitting (endless adjustment options), I have it pretty much spot on and could not be happier. The whole feel of the helmet is sooo much nicer than my old SPH-5. Two big thumbs waaaay up :up: .

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Well I have had my Gallet for just under two years. My previous helmet was an sph 5. I love the lightness of the Gallet but don't find it that comfy. The 5 was more comfortable but obviously bulkier and heavier. The gallet is a nice set up..volume control and internal visor. The only thing I can suggest is that you get the right size..mine is a med and although that is the size recommended for my melon it is a bit small. I think the way to go is get a bit bigger and get a liner from Oregon Aero. I also recommend the hush earcups from OA..the stock cups from Gallet are hard, uncomfortable, and do not seal that well. If you can try some on do it. So overall like the Gallet for weight, size and avionics...but prefer the comfort of the 5. That said I know many that love the fit and feel of the Gallet. If you are going to be out the door all day..I would lean towards the Gallet or Alpha. But ultimately it boils down to personal pref.

My $.002


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I've had the Alpha Eagle for several years, do tonnes of long lining, and I love it. It's very comfortable, very light, and after a 10hr day, you don't even know it was there.


I would highly recommend a single visor soft cover system. If you're in the 206/500 with your head out the door, it doesn't really matter, but in the Astar or a Medium, you want the most room you can get, so out with the two visor system. The bubble window in the Bell Mediums are plenty large enough to accommodate it, and the Astar gives me no really trouble either - that depends mostly on the seat cushions though!


I've tried the Gallet, and took it back, torture device for my head, and very loud compared to the Alpha or Gentex. The Gentex is just typical American engineering, too big, and too heavy. That said the SPH-5 is probably the best option in the Gentex line if you're long lining.


It's different for everyone, so try them out and see what you think.



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I've heard all the good stuff about the Alpha and mixed reviews on the Gallet.

I have a Gallet and have had it 6 years. It's taken me that long to order the oregon Aero hush ket and Zeta liner. Should be here next week. I'll let ya know what the difference works out to be. From what I hear it'll be much quieter and more comfy.


I've always found it comfy and of a low profile which is great for Longline work, however as previousely stated, a little less sound attenuation than desired. We'll see how the hush kit works out.



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Got rid of my Alpha for a gallet..no I'm not talking about the New Alpha Eagles which look like a good option...but mine was a 2003 900 (?) series.


I love the Gallet...ordered it with the zeta liner and the Hush kit (oregon aero) (sorry that it has taken you so long to get on to this) straight from Merit Apparell in Vero Beach Florida. ---it was comfortable right out of the box..I did zero fitting ..it's awesome. The attenuation is great too. Just as good as my Alpha.


The gallet is a very balanced helmet..c of g is designed to be in the middle of your head. My Alpha had a very high c of g and I could feel the difference as soon as I put the gallet on.


A high percentage of my flying (95%) with the gallet has been looking down the longline and I have no complaints.


having said all the good stuff about the gallet...if I had to do it again, I'd take a good look at the Eagle..I've heard great things too

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Had the Alpha Eagle for about 7 years, nice helmet but kind of bulky visor system. Went with a new HGU-84 from Gentex. Out of the box it fit great. As light as the Alpha and more comfortable. Low profile for longline work. Definitely buy another one come time. Looked at the Gallet but it looked plastic and cheap even though the price is not. HGU-84 would be my pick.

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I have the Gallet 250. I have had it for about 2 years now and love it. Bought it with the Zeta Liner, hush kit, and the CEP.


I use the CEP occasionally but for the most part I have found that the helmey is quite and the only problems I have had while using it have been a/c related.


As far as comfort goes, I can not complain about a single thing. First, let me say this, I hate HOT weather. I live in Texas and regularly see temps well above 100. I have worn this thing with doors off, head out when it feels like I have my head under the hand drier at Wal-Mart, and was still able to be comfortable enough to NOT want to take it off.

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