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State Of The Industry

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Yeah, V Ref, except the tariffs unfortunately don''t have much to do with what an operator bids on a job. The unnamed Winnipeg-St. Andrews Bell medium operator who got the only Manitoba forestry medium tendered this year did so at, essentially last year''s rate, with no increase over a 3-year deal.


Sorry, hard to remember to keep it light!

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If the rates that have been surfacing for jobs between ten and two or three hundred hours are any indication, there''s a lot of hurtin'' folk out there, desperate to ''create cash flow.''


Add that reality to the amount of iron for sale or lease and the basement prices, and you don''t even have to look at the mess the world is in to see some pretty ugly handwriting on the wall.


It''s a buyer''s dream, if you can convince yourself you need to buy but, like noted above, the demand''s not too great for the foreseeable. (And did I hear someone talking about bringing more pilots into the country?)

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