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Ame Recognized As A Skilled Trade


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Hello All,


There is poll on avcanada.ca for AME's(M's, E, & S) and apprentices to vote if they agree that an AME should be recognized as a skilled trade. The idea is if there is enough interest then the idea will be taken to Canadian aviation magazines to get the idea out to all those in the industry. Then get a petition going to lobby TC and everyone's local member of parliament if needed.


Any idea's or opinions on the idea are welcomed and encouraged.

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I would like to argue the AME license discussion.


Do you consider the AME as a skilled trade or a proffession?


Me personally, I consider an AME as a profession similar to engineers that hold bachelor degrees, doctors, nurses, chartered accountants, etc... Within the AME association memberships we have had this discussion over quite a few years. I would tend to agree that non-licensed aicraft maintenance technicians would be representative of a skilled trade. The holder of an AME license takes the responsibilites of that individual to a higher level where codes of ethics, knowledge of regulations, law, and maintenance practices should be respected.


I would prefer to lobby government to create an order or national association that groups all licensed AMEs under one governing authority and voice for the AMEs in Canada and abroad.


That is my two cents worth.

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Hey AMEProfessional,


If you have the time take a read on avcanda of the topic that started this poll. You can find it under - forums - maintenance - "are you AME's sick of bad wages" I think it is up to 3 pages but we had a heated discussion.


You bring up an interesting discussion and if you take a read through the other forum you will see some of your points there.


I think that AME really should be AMT. T for technician. You mentioned code of ethics but really these are not highlighted to our profession in the same manner that a professional engineer is treated. For me I think technician is a perfect representation of what we do. For me this idea came home when I began looking at Engineering degree's. The educational level provided to a degree'd engineer is exponentially higher than our college programs. And not just technically, but also many programs have accounting, business, economics, technological history etc with many electives for an individual to choose. When I look back at the 2 year course I took, the technical side was good, but very scripted. But there is no substance for other areas that affect our career.


Then take into account the requirements to become a professional engineer and the gap widens. But overall the difference comes down to theory versus practicality. We work in the practical world and see things from that angle, whereas the degree'd engineer is often without the reality angle of thought.


My point to this ramble is that from your question I see myself working in a profession and am not so concerned with the title of skilled trade. But there exists a very large gap between low paid AME's and high paid AME's. From my experience the aircraft maintenance profession a lot of time comes down to what you make of it. When you look at the industry overall I see many opportunites available, but I also see a lot of negative aspects. I dont know if becoming recognized as a skilled trade will help that, but I do not think it will hurt.

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It is hard to define an AME into one category. When you do routine maintenance you could be called a technician. (like a mechanic at a dealership) When you are inspecting, you are well....an inspector. (like geo-engineer) When you authorize an aircraft for flight, you are certified with that responsibility from the government.

(like a doctor certifying a medical exam :D )


So is it a trade like any other "Red Seal" trade. Or a Profession like engineers, lawyers, or doctors?


As AMEs we have a lot in common with the professionals in that a lot are self employed or part of smaller companies, with some of us incorporated as our own business, but then again so do a lot of trades people.


When you look at the education, it is defiantly a skilled trade. I find it hard to compare 7 years of university for a doctor to 16 months at a technical school. But it gets somewhat comparable to engineers of various professions by the time you are licensed (4 years).


Aviation is definitely its own small world. How qualified you are is all dependant on each persons' individual experience.


We all know what we do, and it is really a great industry to do what you want when you want when it comes to job opportunities. Do AMEs really need a defined recognition from outside beyond the license number and any endorsments?

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now i'm a bit confused it is my under standing that revenue canada does not recognize AMEs as a skilled trade, and that we are also not recognized as professional? so would it not be nice to be recognized as either if this is true?


as for being an engineer as to a technician, i see it as egineers build and design stuff. and does an automotive tech not sign off that the work performed on that vehical meet all manufutures and goverment regulation. now i know that a car does not come falling to earth if the engine dies but have you tried to pull over a 1ton truck from highway speeds with out the power steering or power brakes. add in rush hour or a school zone and you can't tell me that there job is any less important than owers?????


don't get me wrong what we do is important to the safty of others but i still kind of see myself as a tech and not an enineer.


this is of cource just the ramblings of a humble apprentice who is still just learning the ropes


sorry i forgot to thank elvis for posting the link


so thanks elvis for posting the link

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Well your spelling certainly isn't that of a professional, New Guy! :P

Yes, our job is that of a technician most of the time. As for the title of engineer, I believe that comes into play when signing out a designed repair scheme, such as a sheet metal repair on floats, or what have you. The title parallels marine engineer and locomotive engineer, among others. Also, in comparison to auto mechanics, they do not have the same responsibility, not all their maintenance has to be logged and signed, other than ordered vehicle inspections and a few other items, nor do they carry the legal responsibility that an AME would.

I am not sure if it the recognition could be pushed all the way to professional, however, it would be nice to be at least elevated to skilled trade.

Sorry for the hard time New Guy, see you next week! :)

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