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Can Someone Enlighten Me?

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Feel like I am making my first call to talk radio: "Long time listener, first time caller."


It's beginning to look more and more likely that I will soon be joining the flight line. Now that DI's and peeking in fuel drums are going to be a very regular addition to my work life, I am looking at flashlights and am having a tough time deciding on which route to take. Regular bulbs, LED, plastic, metal, big enough to use as a crook-stop or small enough to wear on your belt right next to the pilot tool ... The choices are endless.


Any feedback would be appreciated.

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It all comes down to how much $ you want to spend. If its no object then go with a surefire check out the web site, they go for about 80$ and up. (thats american deneroes) but the good old mini mag lite works any day of the week just don't drop it in the drums.. :shock:

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The best flashlight I have found is called a Streamlight "Strion". It's only 5.7" long and it pumps out 12,000 candlepower and it comes with a D/C and A/C charger. I've been using one for a year or so now and it's great. Small and powerful. It's costs about $90-100US. I little pricey bit it will last a very long time. All their products are at www.streamlight.com


Good Luck :up:

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the good old mini mag lite works any day of the week just don't drop it in the drums..


Good advice. The mag lite work fine, small enough to carry anywhere, yet bright enough to do the job. Plus every forestry camp usually has lots of AA batteries...!


I have a LED lite, (AA's) very bright and another LED that uses AAA's, but thery are harder to find in the bush. Heard the batteries (LED's) don't last as long either.


Stay away from the bigger mag lites, as it become a problem where to keep/carry them...


Good luck on getting to use it!!!

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Congratulations on your soon-to-be upgrade :punk:


I'm quite happy with my Inova XO3 led flashlight. Cost nearly $100, sheath included.


Like offset says, it depends on what you want to spend. I had been using a AA maglite for years, but got tired of them chewing through batteries and bulbs.


These folks have taken the time to go through a lot of flashlights. Maybe they'll help you with your quest:




Good luck.

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I suggest that you just go to your local Canadian Tire and find yourself a cheap LED light. I have one that's about 30 bucks and it lasts a long time. Most importantly it's small easy to carry and if you lose it your only out 30 bucks. The other suggestions sound great but I don't spend a whole lot of money on stuff like that becaus I will lose it.


P.S. If you do invest some good money on a light and you are flying a 206 or 44 then put it in your tool bag in the baggage compartment or under the pilots seat(you wont lose it)


cheers and congrats



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Emergengy services use "pelican" brand they come in composite so it wont cunduct elect. charge, with LED or xenon bulbs but dont think they have a rechargeable. Check ou their website they are also the guys who make waterproof cases. www.pelican.com They usually come with a red and green filter. Usually around $40-$50.

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i don't think that you can go wrong with any of thabove choices ph. i just bought a streamlight off the snap-on truck (i checked the price first to see if it was more or less at other places first same as every where else for this light) it came with 3 aa's and has both LED and a Zeno (i think) bulbs. its a metal case and is a great light and cost about $60 Cdn.


couple of the other guys use the pelican lights and there good to but theother one was on the truck and i did'nt have to go looking for one

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