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Aviaton Medicals

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So, I was wondering if any of you fellow aviators get the ol "whitecoat Hypertension" when doing your medicals? Our livelyhoods depend on that little stamp on the back of our medicals. Anybody get anxious just before the exam and get a higher than expected blood pressure? Or is just me? :huh:


Thoughts, suggestions, stories?


Sorry, must learn to type better.





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A friend here that has been flying over 25 years went in for a medical with a new female Aviation Medical Examiner in his home town. He's skinny as a rail so when she listened to his chest, thought he had a heart murmur (just because there is nothing to mask any sound) I had the same result after losing 30 lbs in the hospital in 1988. Gained a few pounds in the gym and lost the "heart murmur", regained my medical.


Next she looked at his eyes and since he was a kid he had one eye dilated just a bit more than the other, now she is investigating a possible brain injury.


As you guessed it, after telling him this, she took his blood pressure which by this time is off the charts.





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Relax gents.........the odds are in your favour no matter what happens in a Medical suspension of your license. A check of the rules that "kick-in" automatically in your favour should that actually happen should lower most BP's. If that doesn't do the trick, then perhaps the success record of MoT in winning the Appeal Board hearings will do the trick.............2%. That Appeal Board hearing MUST BY LAW be convened within a month of your suspension and be held wherever it is MOST convenient for YOU.


If you look at what all has been thrown-out by the Appeal Board as reasons for suspenions, it becomes quite surprising.........serious heart-attacks, Type 1 Diabetes requiring pills every 4 hours (this latter two are still 747 Captains flying 747's out of YUL and into Orly Airport, Paris for AC). So relax guys........AFTER you read the rules that are in place for YOU.


****, I remember a time when anyone wearing glasses was never going to be a fighter pilot in the RCAF and wasn't about to qualify for flying much else.........times do change.

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CAP :up: :up: Good to have you back Buddy, good honest info, straight to the point.




Don't sweat it guys, just relax, do your best to stay fit, excersize whenever you can, lay off the smokes, take it easy on the the booze, and you too can fly for a long time.


Hey, I just turned 50, and have not been in this good of shape for decades. I did about 4,000+ Km's on my bicycle this summer ( that's loaded with 40 lbs of touring gear) including twice to Jasper and back.


I have a medical booked this week, and don't have a bit of worry about it. :up:






Taken on August 28 2006, after riding from Jasper Park (Jonas Ck) to Lake Louise AB, 160 Km ( 100 miles) in 9 hours. ( yes, the bag at my feet is full of Beer ! :up: )


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