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Aviaton Medicals

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Rain miester


Anxious, ****, terrified! :shock: damm right especially when buddy reaches for the glove, then those word you hate so much ( that I dare not repeat) that's right the "golden finger" and slime butt all the way to the nearest toilet for a handfull of bum wadd to wipe out the last remaining traces of being violated :(:(


I'ts just not right and confirms everything I have always believed. You are simply not supposed to put things in the out hole (period) :down:



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i go to Dr Balbock in CYNJ. he is a pilot whose office is at the airport :D


how much more relaxed can you get :up: and he knows how important that piece of paper is ;)


oh, and his exam cost 90 bucks compared to others.........? (yes, extra 45 for ecg)

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Bit of a Hijack, 407 Too... But I posted my blurb as a message to young fellows like Rainman re: Medicals. I'm probably almost twice the age as he. I want to continue flying until I DECIDE not to fly any longer, and not have a TC Doctor make that decision for me.

SO....take the bull by the horns and work at your fitness and health.

If I can do it, anyone can. I've found that it really doesn't take that much effort to stay in reasonable shape. It's your decision, if you're afraid of a medical at 30- 35, ask yourself Why? Is it high blood pressure? Is it hereditary? How's your diet, weight? stress level? If it is White-Coat syndrome, perhaps get your own BP meter, and make a table of your BP's at home and at work, to show the DR that it generally IS OK. Research the available medicines, Talk to your DR. BP is not a big deal to medicate..if you need the meds.

As CAP says, TC will look after you and give you every opportunity to fix the minor issues.


Oh, Parkers Ridge...65 KMH :shock: brakes are for chickens B)

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Hey 407 Driver.


My father in law has a BP monitoring device and I checked last night. Turns out I'm barely alive at 98 over 61!

A far cry from the 125 over 90 at the doc's. Was obviousely just stress.

I'm in shape, and waaay too light for the 212, just add my survival kit and some BCFS water behind the seat and I'm good to go :up:

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