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Aviaton Medicals

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ditto what 407 driver has to say


also agree with no coffee (or smokes -tsk -tsk) before your med, and get it done first thing - before you fall apart from lack of caffine :D


exercise should be or become part of your life-style, though as i've had to do the twice annual a tiny :rolleyes: bit longer than 407d, trying to maintain that 250 lb bench press is a REAL B**CH. a good workout on a bike twice a week should be the minimum.


camp and bush jobs make this difficult, but your off-time exercise WILL carry you through.


exercise releives stress - you bet - this alone will lower your BP


glasses, just keep up the exams every couple of years (expect a change at 40-45 as your tissue looses it's flexibility)


remember it's a checkup, not a test, BUT, and its a big but, if something IS found that is serious enough to loose your medical, wouldn't you be thankful to find out early enough to do something about it ?? and maybe get your medical back than bite-it a few years (or months) down the road ??



(407 driver, the hijack comment was in reference to my post, not yours :) )

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Some thing else to consider, a few years back I bumped up my running, and other activities, and when I went for my medical, my resting heart rate was below the cutoff. needless to say when the Dr. told me and re-tested me, the worry rate bummped me up over the cutoff.

The other thing I suffer from, with regards to medicals, is I have an inverted ST wave on my ECG, which is not a problem, untill you go to get a medical for a foreign license, and they have no previous records for you. Stress test proved there was no concern, but delayed my medical, and really wound me up for a few days. When I got back to Canada I went to TC office and they looked at all my previous ECG,s, and there it was, all along.

So, the moral of the story, too much exercise can be bad, and when going to a new Dr., they might something that is new to them, and have it investigated, and it,s been there all along.

Single malt cures all ails!


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Bp 140/90 caused a red flag with the transport docs.

Tansport requested 3 conscutive readings from my doc within 2 months, I started to take my own Bp with a at home with a store bought unit and recorded the reults which were on average 120/75 or in that range. when I went back to take my required readings @ the docs I was still a little high but with the home reading I took they were satisfied,Even though after a heated conversation with a battle axe nurse, drove me to 165/105.

CAP good info in you post. Thanx

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Gysy rotor -------- thanks, but the info is there for everyone. I didn't get it from any "inner sanctum".Medicals when I started in the business were a lot different and stricter than they are now.......and a lot less forgiving on the Ottawa end. Have ANY kind of heart-attack or heart problem and you weren't a pilot anymore period.........and don't bother going anywhere looking for Appeal Boards. "Tough bannanas"........find another job buddy.


I personally know of two active Commercial Pilots who had major heart-attacks and have flown for years now with few or no restrictions....both in R/W....one down East and the other in the West.....aand so do others right on this site. Totally and absolutely imposssibe anywhere, for any License, at one time. So you're all well taken-care of nowadays guys..........in ALL departments. So relax-------your ***** are covered in ANY eventuality. Don't take my word for "diddley"........it's your butts, so read the rules that are already in place for your benefit........AND put there by the very ones who will take that License away yet. It costs nothing and you can't beat that deal either. :lol:

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I posted this a couple of years ago elsewhere. Nice to see Rainman is starting to age....must be the beard. :)


Now, I have had a licence for a few years.


Lots of medicals under the bridge and I have only ever had one done to the exact standard of the year before....and that was the class 1 medical you get in about 10mins, involving lots of pen work. Yes - No, are you suicidal? heart disease? drink? take drugs?, she'll be right ... OK, that's a $100 thanks.


Those are the good ones.


Experiences to date:


I had one today in NZ and this doctor gets the award for only the 4th bloke to handle the lads in the last 33years.

I am the first; my old man is the second and the Vas surgeon in the third. I did my best not to get excited...

No cancer apparently. WTF Mate?


The previous Class 1 in NZ was the weirdest experience of my life. The doc takes me into a completely windowless room and turns off the lights. Crickey...

Then a tiny green light is switched on in the far corner and I am told to stare at it while he looks into my eyes with his special doohickey thing. He was so close to me that I could feel his breath on my cheek...or was that in my ear?

WTF Mate?


Same guy. Has a desk that would make an ADHD sufferer look tidy. Sits down across from me and asks me to repeat the words that he says.

OK - this should be easy.

Picks up a book and covers his face so that his eyes are only showing. Then he whispers/I]


I nearly died trying not to crack up laughing. WTF Mate?


Same guy asks me to piss in an open plastic container. Righto.

Where are the toilets? Oh! through the waiting room. Ok. Into the bath, squeeze out a sample, pinch off the flow, rest down the dunny. Hand wash.

Now, negotiate through crowded waiting room full of people with dangerously full sample of fresh tepid urine. Toys on the floor, extended legs, Hi there! Whew... arrived back OK.

He comes over, dips his litmus paper into it (no gloves..), checks whether I won or not and the then instructs me to dispose of the sample. Where? Oh! of course, back in the toilets. Slightly warm urine, kids, fellow patients....... bugger the door is locked. Wait with pee Tupperware in waiting room. Looking at my piss wondering if I could really drink it if I was marooned on a raft in the middle of the pacific.

WTF Mate?



"OK buddy, please remove your shirt".

Tap, Tap, breathe in, out, Tap, Tap. Ribs ok, ticker is still operating...

"OK buddy, please drop your pants".


BUGGER!!!, I am completely starkers. The ******* tricked me!!!

Suck up pride, chest out, back straight, this is completely normal to be standing in your socks in a doctors office. Happens all the time. Smile for the cameras and hope you never see yourself on some internet voyeur site.

Cough please?

Croak out a bark, surprise I am all normal. No hernia here. WTF Mate?


Aussie ECG time:

"Lie down please, shirt off"

Firm grip on pants. Won't get caught with the 'ol shirt off, pants down a second time. Staring at roof and suddenly a razor appears and lovely sponge bob shape is hacked out of my sparse chest hair.

I am in shock.


"#### lady, that has taken forever to grow you know! Why did you do that"


Apparently the machine pads don't stick to hair.

Now I make a turtle look hairy, so I wasn't impressed at all.

I didn't even flinch when she started on the ankles....

I asked her to do the rest of my chest and she just laughed. I was #### serious... What am I to do with a square of emptiness in the middle of my body?

WTF Mate...


ECG Canada:

This is a world's greatest ECG machine. It makes a diagnostic machine at your local garage look like HAL from 2001.

It can adjust your mixtures, check your emissions, tell you what your crank angle sensor is measuring and rotate your tyres.


Beep, beep wirr....grind....spit. Out comes the $80 piece of paper.

"seems you have failed Mr Steve76..."


"Yes, your heart rate is a bit too slow...."

How much? "45 beats per minute.."

Yep, sounds normal. What's the issue? I do a lot of exercise. A healthy heart is a by-product. DUH!

Tell you what, I'll do 50 pushups and we can try again...

WTF Mate.


Audiology Aussie:

My favorite. I take these pretty seriously. It seems a great competition to try and beat last years score...

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So, I was wondering if any of you fellow aviators get the ol "whitecoat Hypertension" when doing your medicals? Our livelyhoods depend on that little stamp on the back of our medicals. Anybody get anxious just before the exam and get a higher than expected blood pressure? Or is just me? :huh:


Thoughts, suggestions, stories?


Sorry, must learn to type better.






Yes Find another doc blood pressures differ greatly depending on who is reading it.

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