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Rocky Pearson

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It is with great sadness to report that Rocky Pearson has passed away last night in hospital.


Rocky was my boss and friend for many years and will be missed by all who knew him. He was the Chief Engineer for the Logging Division and later Director of Maintenance for Canadian Helicopters until his retirement about six years ago.


When I started this journey in the helicopter business, I had a few demanding jobs that tasked my physical, mental and financial abilities. Rocky saved my sorry arse and took me under his wing allowing me to do everything in the hangar at 4391 Agar Drive. I was hired as an assistant to the 61 logging engineers during winter maintenance and logging support jobs in the summer. He paid me very well for my limited knowledge at the time. Anytime the Western or International Division asked, I was loaned to them, short notice, to be anything from Janitor to the Executive Assistant to the Division President. I always bought him a Disney tie when I was going away for an extended period and he always had a winter job waiting for me. He had a sense of humour unmatched in the building.


Rocky always treated me and his other hundred hour wonders like they were his own son.


The month that I was born, Rocky was living just a few hundred kilometres away working as an engineer on the offshore Sikorsky 61s in the Okanagan Helicopters base in Sydney, Nova Scotia. He was at that time the same age that I am now.


Some of his children were born in Kemano, the birthplace of Carl Agar's mountain flying techniques and the real catalyst for a company that became Okanagan. His employee number had very few digits if I remember correctly.


Rocky, you will never be forgotten my friend.


Thanks for the career that you made possible. Rest peacefully.



-Bob Garnhum ("Yo-Bob")

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