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R44 Down

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Update confrims the posts above , but was a 22, I am told. hope everybody is going to be OK.Regardless of the cause of the accident lets all remember that the weather these days is definately in the shitter. Was blasting around in the hold at the Watcom VOR today and met was was ala crapola, stayed for short while then packed it back to base.


Fly safe all



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A small helicopter has crashed in a remote field east of Mission. All that remains is a shell of the helicopter and a muddy trail directly behind it, an indication of the frightening moments before it nose-dived and rolled upside down. The aircraft went down around 12:30 this afternoon. The two men inside have been taken to hospital.

Brian MacDonald with the North Fraser Fire Department was the first on scene and says the men looked pretty badly injured. He says "One guy was majorly complaining about back pain and the other one with stomach...he was burping a lot...it's internal."

It's not not known yet what caused the accident. The fragments of the helicopter are still lying in th field. As a major storm moves in, it's one of the potential factors that may have led to the crash.



Mark C-FXHC Serial No 1786

Common Name Robinson Model R22 BETA


Base Of Op. - Country CANADA

Base Of Op. - Province Alberta

Base Of Op. - Location Edmonton

File Location Edmonton Basis for Eligibility for Registration Type Certificate - H10WE

Type of Registration Private

Category Helicopter Weight (Kgs) 621

Manufacturer Robinson Helicopter Company

Year of Manufacture 1991 Year Imported 1996

Country of Manufacture U.S.A.


Owner Registration

Owner Registered Since 2006-10-19 Last Certificate of Registration Issued 2006-10-19


Engine Piston Number of Engines 1

Owner Information

Name ( 1 of 1 ) ****** ******* Mail Recipient Yes

Address ****-40 Ave

City Edmonton Province Alberta

Postal Code T6K 1H4 Region Prairie and Northern

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CBC article


Men crawl out after helicopter crashes in Fraser Valley

Last Updated: Sunday, November 12, 2006 | 10:15 AM ET


Two men are being described as "very lucky" to be alive after their helicopter slammed into a field east of Mission, B.C., on Saturday and rolled about 30 metres.


Witness Ron McLean said he saw one person crawling out of the aircraft and the other still belted in his seat after the crash.


Officials said it wasn't immediately clear what caused the crash of the small R-22 chopper.


Fraser Valley volunteer fire chief Rick Dekker said when rescuers arrived, they found the men lying next to the chopper.


Dekker said it appears the small, two-seat R-22 helicopter had rolled about 30 metres on the ground before coming to a stop, but it's not clear what caused the crash.


"I don't know why they lost power, but it came down onto a field on Johnson Road," Dekker told CBC News.


"Both the occupants got away from the helicopter on their own. They were conscious and they were telling us what happened. Other than that, they were very lucky."


The two men, whose names were not released, were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


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