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What Was He Thinking?

Guest Angry Egg Driver

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1. A 206 like the one on the video is worth about 500K so the media exagerated as normal saying 1 miilion. The pilot was not trained in Canada. If he was Marc please let me know and I will have a chat with Transport and have his instructor CAT 1,2,3, or 4 revoked.




This hole matter of stupidity





I was at a presentation put on by a TC Aviation Enforcment guy. In his powerpoint he had that very video to show stupidity that would lead to action from TC. His other examples included flying under bridges and buzzing low over populated areas. He also mentioned an incedent where a guy with his private 206 thought it would be cool to visit his friends boating in Okanogan Lake by dipping his skids in the water with the rotor buzzing over their heads. He had his lisence suspended. He also said that 90% of reported incedents result in a NFA (No Further Action).

He basically was saying that unless someones life was in grave and deliberate danger TC wouldn't do anything.

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What makes you think Kyle, TQN, or Transport Canada would listen to suggestions from someone with your past record?

Boyz, boyz, boyz. :) I'm only chiming in here because I sure hate to see a bunch of professionals take pot shots at each other in this manner. <_< I really haven't read anything here that would force the Mods to...well...moderate...or play Kindergarten cops, for that matter. BTW, I respect Over-Talk for his professionalism. :shock: All of you, really. Jez pull up yer big-boy boxers and keep it on productive side. :rolleyes: You can do this! :blur: Rock on!

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