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What Was He Thinking?

Guest Angry Egg Driver

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He might have had one **** of a surprise if after exiting one of the tighter bends in the river valley to find another "Top Gunner" coming the other direction....Who goes up, Who goes down, Who goes left/right?


:shock: :shock: :shock:



I think that the rule is when 2 A/C are on a collision course both must take evasive action and both turn to the right; which is a rock wall, ouch.

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I don't think that it was me that got him fired for putting the link on here.I think he can lay the blame on himself for that.....And he isnt really a buddy of mine,just someone i have worked along side in the past.


Maybe a lesson for all of us out there.If your doing something out there that you figure might be crosssing the line.....look over your shoulder...you never know who might be taking some video of you.... ;)



Thats true . I agree. He did it to himself. His ego finally caught up. He is very lucky. It just might be a good thing in disguise. Lets hope he learns something from this. others are not so lucky!

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Just thought I might throw a spin in there for you fen, sure the helicopter can manage that specific task, but how well would it stand up to autoing down there in that little valley? All for a little entertainment?



it would fare about the same as any helicopter working over some inhospitable landing zones, which by my guesses would cover a huge amount of flying that helicopters do (albiet mostly while they are working, some transiting, and some while sightseeing, and others while screwing the pooch around the base and on test flights, fun flights etc.) So to criticize one guy for being in an area that is poor for a good auto landing (so what if he's having fun, he could very well be working one day in similiar surroundings), would be akin to painting many, many, pilots with the same brush. A topic i made clear to stay away from. My only reasoning for that has been the relatively stellar performance for turbine engines as of late. The hours flown versus failures has quite an impressive statistic for being safe (by design and by the wonderful people that maintain them)


One day Cole, when you are a heli pilot and your flogging over some of the densest bush known to man, and every direction you look there is no safe landing spot....remember the criticism put forth and then ask yourself if you are now a bad pilot because you have no safe place to auto....it will happen and it will happen alot.




For all you professional helicopter video critics you are gonna love this website:




Check out the Astar reverses into an EC120 video, good for a chuckle.



I've seen that site for quite some time, and have seen most of the videos around just about everywhere else. Too bad the guy filming the 120 getting smacked wasn't such a wussy and dove for cover. I would have loved to see it all happen.


Many of those videos show you exactly what a helicopter can do beyond it's normal fligh envelope. The areobatic 120 team (from Japan I think), does a good job. I'd go to an airshow just to see that, instead of the typical 412 display we are used to.

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Fair enough fen. I wasnt calling the pilot bad for being in a situation where he had nowhere to auto, but that there was no point to it other then entertainment. He obviously has skill as a pilot, but why do this? Why put the life of passengers, the helicopter, and himself at risk for fun. If he had to make a run through this pass because he needed to gain airspeed to pick up a load as the sole occupant of the aircraft it would be a different story.


"Its a calculated risk, but when you do the calculations, the risk becomes minimal and the fun begins."


On the other hand, my dad has told some stories of very reputable peole from this industry that involve similar circumstances.


Fen- Your points are valid, we could argue all day long, but we dont have to. To put it simply- "Him without sin..."

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