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Eurocopter Spin On Filter


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500 hours. You could never confirm this with the paper manuals. The FA01315A PN in the PRE is in the parts book but listed under mod 7174. SB63.12 lists the 705 PN for the filter and is mod 7162 (I think from memory). Only on the CD can you see that FA01315A and the 705 numbers are the same.

I'm glad I'm not at the point in my career where I have learned everything and I have nothing to gain by talking to other professionals.

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I used to have big trouble with the euro manuals and therefore i avoided them, but now i use them daily and have much less trouble figuring them out. I don't mind helping out when I can.

I'm using the new generation manuals now with the 130 and 120 and they are much improved. Too bad it's too costly to re-write the old ones with the new format. You would then have an amazing aircraft, easy to maintain, and easier to learn about.

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sorry for the 12 year necro but i would like to continue this discussion

i see the FA01315A supersedes the CH48108 after MOD 077174 but in the inspection log book mod list for my B2 it does not list 077174 as one of the mods it has.

it has the FA01315A filter on it as it came from the factory

i cant find any SB or reference to mod 077174 other than the title in the list of mods

any info on mod 077174?


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there is no SB associated with it

You have the FA01315A filter which is post mod 0707174

some mods are not required to be listed on the log card because the dash number requires it. I don't have the mod list in front of me, this may be one of those mods. Theres always the possibility the mod listing was missed. it happens.

Incidentally, I had spoke to champion a number of years ago regarding the CH48108 filter differences because Airbus had quarantined alot of the -1 filters because that part number was not listed in the parts books. They told me the -1 was identical in materials and filter microns, the only difference was length for a piston engine install. In their opinion, they were the same filter spec, yet Airbus was reluctant to add the variance to the parts books. I never heard a thing beyond that.

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