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Getting Out While The A/c Is Running.

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Most of us have done it and most of us will do it again but don't get too comfortable with leaving a helicopter that's still running.


This happened just last week stateside.





Regis#: 59571 Make/Model: B206 Description: BELL 206B HELICOPTER

Date: 11/11/2006 Time: 1750


Event Type: Accident Highest Injury: None Mid Air: N Missing: N

Damage: Destroyed



City: BOULDER CITY State: NV Country: US






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hmm thats not good, glad no one was hurt.


i wonder if it was at idle, i have been known to get out at idle occationally but i don't see how a 206 or astar at idle could leave the ground on their own...


anyone know any different?

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I will get out, but it depends on the conditions.


Solid level ground in calm winds, sure. Any other situation, probably not.


This one time, at band camp, I put the back of the skids on a log and completed shut down. After the blades were stopped, the passenger and I got out, and the machine (astar) eased onto the springs on the back of the skid gear. It seems I had landed on the log at that sweet spot, the cg on the landing gear, and our combined weight leaving the front of the ac tipped her back. It wasn't a big deal, but I did think to myself "I'm glad it wasn't idling at the time". But like I said, I'll only get out if it's on solid ground.

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hmmmmmmmm i flew in the mountains and coast and desert for 10 nyears and I still have a hard believing the part of the helicopter taking off at idle....ever went into a couple inch hover pulled the endine and keep the collective up to see at what NR u lose total lift????? she drops like a rock.....

don`t try this at home...lol

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now i could be wrong but if the breeze is strong enough in combination with a moving airfoil or a stationary one lift can be achieved. is this not how small planes flip over at airports? so it would seem to me that if the airfoil is also moving that a much smaller breeze would be needed to achieve lift?


is this not basic physics????

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so it would seem to me that if the airfoil is also moving that a much smaller breeze would be needed to achieve lift?

That is true but you also need a certain amount of rotor speed to give the blades enough inertia to remain straight while they're lifting, otherwise, they'll just bend up without moving the aircraft.

What rotor speed is needed to prevent this from happening I haven't got a clue but I would venture a guess that on some types, enough lift could be generated in the right conditions to make it a little more than light on it's skids and make it tip over.

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How about the fact that its illegal?




I'm curious as to where i can find that in writing. My last understanding was that the pilot can leave the seat while running, but must maintain himself "under the disk". This allows him to refuel, close an errant door, put back a loose seatbelt, take a wizz etc.........


It's hard to say how far away this guy was from the aircraft. but either way, it's another scenario to show you what can go wrong when you don't follow all the best advice.

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How about the fact that its illegal?


If you're referring to CAR 602.10(2)(B)(i) and (ii), it's WIDE open for interpretation....


What does unattended mean?


Getting out to hook/unhook your longline?


Running over to the fuel shed, unlocking it, rolling a drum out and refuelling?


Precautions have been taken to prevent the aircraft from moving...


I think that's what's being discussed at the moment. Can the helicopter lift off while at idle in strong winds? My precaution in a strong wind situation would be that if winds are even in question, then it's no question...shut down.


Heck, in strong winds, and flying bells, with their teetering rotor system, I stay in them and babysit them until the blades have stopped. It's a pretty horrible sound when the static stops start making contact.

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