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Female Engineers


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I know we already had the topic of female pilots........ but I want to know what is thought of chick mechanics.


I have heard they have a keener eye for detail? What do you think?


Ok, I'll bite and throw rocks at the hornets nest....



Keener eye for detail....yeah maybe when it comes to cleaning :shock:


The ones I worked with we're OK, I definately wasn't afraid to fly what they fixed, but they were seriously outpaced by even the most mentally challenged BCIT male graduate. :wacko: excuse me while I run away and hide now.

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Maybe the question should be "What about some of those guy AME's out there?" I've worked with a few women AME's and they've at least held there own and in several cases, in fact I'd rather have them on my crew than many guys out there. About the only place I can think of where the size 44 shirt may have an advantage in this profession might be when it comes to handling fuel drums and the like. I find it amazing there is nothing better to talk about than this drivel.


But then again, that's just me.

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I will say one thing from my expierience at BCIT, the ones that were there (about 3 girls out of 300 students) sure knew that they really wanted to be there. They fit in and performed about average in both tests and practical. I wouldn't say they had any extra special skills except ignoring stares and those great remarks that a group of 15 young guys like myself think are witty.

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Hey KJW57


Maybe because I am a female engineer.



Isn't it funny that you would just assume a man would only ask that question.


I was asking as a matter of curiosity. I have worked with other females in this industry some excellent engineers.......... some only mediocre. The same goes for the guys.


The point is I was looking for some honest reactions.


I have listened to the guys I work with talk about the girls in this industry, some of it good, some not so good...........


Thats what I was looking for.

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