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Female Engineers


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you bet....my ex's grandmother was in the factory building the plywood wings for one of the coolest wwII aircrafts....the de havilland mosquito! :up:



You must be a younger fellow ironclad. My "Mother" worked in the Boeing plant at the corner of Georgia and Davie Sts' in Vancouver. I'm not sure what they were building. They were also building A/C here in Powell River during the war. Once again, I'm not sure what they were building but I do know they were of wood constuction. Mom used to talk about the "GOOD" times they had working at the Boeing plant. I don't think I want to know the details! :shock: :shock: :shock:

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well i wouldn't say i'm young but not too old either.

here's a bit a hint for ya...........i'm an army brat..petawawa, lahr, back to petawawa then later to b.c.

in that time frame the old man did the egypt and cyprus tours...1 cer, few years in airborne, then wrapped things up in b.c.

that should give you an idea within roughly 5 to 10 years of my age ;)


the factory where they were putting together the wings was somewhere in new westminster, not exactly sure where......pretty **** cool though.

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I require the engineers working with me to know their job well and my a/c type in particular. I've worked with both male and female engineers over the years in F/W and R/W and had no difficulty whatsoever with any of the females in any way whatsoever. What height they were, what religion they were, where they hailed from and whether they had a ***** or a ****** never mattered one iota to me now or then. You do your job the way it's supposed to be done, keep me in the air, be a professional and we're a team. Do otherwise, and one of us is gone and I don't care if you are someone's daughter OR son. The aforementioned does not also state that there are not unqualified and useless engineers, both male and female. That also applies to pilots by the way, but I can state that both my father and mother were pilots and Dad always knew who the best pilot was in the house at one time and she was over there making supper.

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