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Female Engineers


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I wasn't "fired up," Sod. You'll know when I am. :lol:


Dewey's right, TS. Pro chef world IS predominantly male, so try again. AND there's some pretty manlymen in it, too. I'd be happy to find some pix for you. :P


you do realise i plagarized your post and switched words around right?


who cares if the chef world is predominatley male....i bet they don't have betty crocker institute on their resume.

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Sorry. No time for cake bakin', dustin' or juvenile delinquents today; tomorrow ain't lookin' so hot either. B) So get your scrawny, hairy, slacker @ss off the sofa and try working for a change, TwerpSpurt. :blur: TGIF, all! :up:


No knickers in a knot, Wigs. You'll know when I'm there. :D


HOLY SH-T!!! Is that you TQN??? :shock: :shock: :shock:

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