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Ctd's Great Western Tour 2003


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It's about to begin. CTD's Great Western Tour 2003 starts Saturday Aug 23 in YYC.


What's 'Great' about it? No tents.


'Western?' 'Cuz it's out west, dummy.


Tour? It's a four-week tour. Relatively short by helicopter standards but I work for a good outfit :lol:


2003? What are you, a fixed wing pilot?


Anyway, while your busy throwing water at Mother Nature's heartburn, keep your eyes peeled for an overloaded silver BMW GS with She-TD waving on the back.


We have been known to accept food and booze hand-outs during these tours, and if you flag us down, I'll sign your Vortex for a shot of Lagavulin 16.


If you're between YYC and YOW during the third week of Sept, keep an eye out for the same bike with a solo rider heading east - direct YOW. :shock:


Looking forward to seeing 407Driver, downwash, 4961, touchdown, Hightower and 100ft while in BC - wx and fires permitting. Haven't heard from Randy, but I expect he's busy.... Rosco gets a visit on the way home to YOW, so dust off the scotch and start soaking the ribs, Dude.


BTW - thanks to those who have offered their hospitality - it's great to know there are friends around. :up:


Thanks to Rosco, who was instrumental in getting the bike to YYC.


Thanks to Kyle, for this site.


See you on the road.....

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and if wx should force you to divert through YQR, twinstar would be happy to drive the sask dust from ya' with beverages of choice!!! :D


no signing the vortex though as i have to read it on the website and grease pencil on the monitor is a pain to look around!!!! :blink: :shock:


have a great ride!!!! :up:

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Guest graunch1

Nice looking bike but I am curious about the load. Where are the fly-away kit, spare fuel drum, filter pump, spare rotables, maint manual and assorted SBs,ADs and logbook going to fit :rolleyes:


Unfortunately I will down at the Highland Games in High River for the Aug 23 weekend as kid#2 is competing, otherwise would have liked to get together

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Bring your flight helmet CTD, we're planning to get you into a 407 for a long day of bucketing. She-TD and I have a nice day planned hiking in a local National Park, that is, if there's any Parks left un-burned.


See you out here soon, if there's a highway closure, just stick some Alpine, Yellowhead, or Blackcomb Helicopter stickers on the side of the rocket, and tell them you're essential crew...

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407 - I plan to have a beer each morning for breakfast in an attempt to preclude any flight crew duties. Although, getting my mitts on a 407 again....maybe for a price...... ;)


Deuce - We will be visiting the Island, likely during week 2. Plan on doing as much of it as the wx will permit. Drop me a PM with your details.


Twinny - will be paasing through QR on my way back to YOW during the week of Sept 15-20. Drop me a line with contact info...

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