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Cold Deicing Fluid

407 too

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That should work really well with a 206 as long as you have a toolbox full of isolation mounts!! :shock:

Ever hear of asymmetric shedding?

There are some folks reading this forum that don't have the field experience to know what they can get away with and what they can't.

This would work with a VERY THIN uniform coating, but then it's probably just friction warming the blades more than anything.

I'm surprised you would suggest that though after all the strobing you have done over the years. :P

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just take a ball peen hammer to everything. the shock wave shakes all the ice free and the golf ball dimple effect has been proven by numerous golfball manyfacturers to increase speeds, distance and stability, so you're winning regardless. No need to carry gallons of anti ice fluid, everyone can fit a ball peen hammer in the door pocket.

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thanks guys, will ask manufacturer if they approve any sort of fluid, failing that, it looks like blade covers. --- baggage comp will be getting quite full with sleeping bags, muff and plugs, survival kit AND blade covers, but i guess it beats walking


this scenario has never happened to me, managed to paint a grim enough pictue to the pax with the available forecasts, BUT, with the unpredictability of the weather, it's not to say it might not happen.



Fenestrom wins the prize for the most original -- yet logical--- reply :punk:

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Oh , didn't know we were going for the most original award,


If that's the case,,, we used to cver the A/C in lighter fluid and then chuck a match to it,, it's not enough to burn the airframe or skin but sure gets the ice off pretty smartly !!!


Not approved anywhere i'm sure,,,,


P.S,,, just joking,,, seeing who bites!


:punk: :up:

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Cold de-iceing fluid? You must be thinking of glycole. Normal type 1 found at any major airport in canada. It is applied hot very hot. It is NOT approved for Bell helicopters. Check the flight manual. Type 4 anti-ice fluid is applied cold and looks like green slim when covering a wing. Its is also found at just about any major airport in canada. Not apporved for bell helicopters


I think most guys in gas patch have thought about or used methanol to de-ice blades. Why, they are lazy, really lazy. why do i say this, every gas plant has bulk tanks of the stuff. usually not to far away from where the helicopter parks. Is it apporved NO.


Put your bladed cover on. If you find the covers frozen to the blades, place a car heater inside the cover, it will slowly inflate releasing the cover.


Freezing rain sucks, if you put your covers on you will have fewer problems.


For frost, running the a/c will usually remove it. Thats frost not freezing rain.




All critical surfaces must contamination free...

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