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What Bird Would You Like To See More...

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What Canada needs is more Piasecki's!!!! :up: :up: :up: :up:


PIASECKIS?? Did I see Piasecki?? Ah, the good old days! Almost brings tears to my old bleary eyeballs. I actually have worked on this very machine in the early sixtyspost-907-1165357686_thumb.gif Myself and Ed Walley tried to keep them flying out of VU-33 Squadron in Sidney, B.C. About all they were good for was oyster hunts for squadron partys :up: 550 screaming, ball thumping horsepower. ARRGGGH Billy!

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hey lamabubble you seem pretty informed about several different types of helicopters. how many hours do you have on them. have you ever even flown a lama or a dauphin or a 135 or 145. im pretty sure you know about the 47 and a little about the 206. i am interested in hearing about all your experience on these types.

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It's not servo transparancy?


Transparency in this bird can occur in high speed turning, we tried once at 165 kt in steep turning, light servo comes and we maintened longer but transparency didn't come. It's very rare to produce this effect in 365., remember it can do looping (done in factory test), rolls and more.

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