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What Bird Would You Like To See More...

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WOW touchy touchy.If you read the post I believe that you will realize that I was talking about Ski Pilot....


You know what they say about assuming splitpin.


Speaking of waiting for a reply we haven't heard from Lamam Bubble yet


Ahhaaa! Now I see it Deuce :oops: Sorry about that Bud. Believe me I'm not touchy or paranoid, It's just that everyone is out to get me and KILL me. :lol:

My Best


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Hello All! Am new to this forum, and it seems very interesting! As for me, am in MAINE, USA, but would love to see more EC 225, or the AS 330L2, but I think they are realy mostly the same bird :mellow:


Truely would love to see a new Amphibian design :rolleyes:

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