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Military Vs. Civilian


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I just finished reading this thread and it truly astonishes me that for such a simple query that Volition had, many didn't answer him correctly but instead chose to throw insults. Yes M-E-W threw the first gernade by questioning a young aviators loyalty when indeed it need not be questioned. I have to applaud Vo for actually asking the question to a seasoned audience. Instead everyone jumps on the wrong issue and insults start flying, seems more like a bar conversation after mnay beers. Looking at ones options is always foremost in all aviators minds. In this case the end state to Vo is to fly. He chose the military, good for him, although it is not like it once was for the straight through pipe, it has more bends and turns it now than the Vancouver Island highway (old one). Civvy street is expensive, no doubt, and a job at the end of it isn't garanteed. There is also no pension at the end of the rainbow, unless you get on with an extremely big company, most choose the investment share option as a percentage of your income. They'll match what you put in to an RRSP up to a percent of your income to be more simpler. The military has a great pension, downside is that you have to serve for 25 years now to get an unreduced annuity. Upside, you have a garanteed job, may not like the location, but as I hear it, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Nigeria, et al, are not great either.


Having served 24 years with the military, I look back with many fond years and have done some wonderful flying, the last in the Cormorant on the west coast, awesome!


My advice to Volition and others, is that you should try the military, training is free, the pay is very good, you will learn other skills, learn another language, meet wonderful people, be a team that respects each other and in the near future fly some new equipment. All of this is pensionable time! I'm not knocking the civvy world either because I certainly am now looking to be employed in the private sector somewhere, and I know I bring a lot of skill to the table for someone and I am still young.


Good luck Vo et al in your endevours (Yes I know I didn't answer all of your questions, but I do not have a pay table like the military, as each company pays differently and some do not want to share this inforamtion)


The rest of you, no matter how I have written above, will have a comment or two. It is difficult to understand emotion in black and white. Sometimes its funny to make a wise crack, but for most of you who contribute to this forum, you are familiar with each other and develop a relationship amung you, for those of us who do not contribute that much, it can be frustrating to always re-read what you type, just so that you don't offend someone, or someone offends you.


Merry Christmas to you all,



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I may have thrown the first grenade, but it was more of an attention getter for our friend Volition, who is well known in here to be rather volatile.


Yeah, well done Volition for giving the Military a go AGAIN!


Like I said, I hope he sticks at it longer than he has in previous attempts and that he doesn't resign his commission AGAIN!

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