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Hawc Having Pilot Troubles?

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Appearently the Calgary Police have opted to possibly train cops interested in aviation to fly for them in order to fill the helicopters with full time pilots firmilliar with the procedures of being an officer.

I guess you have to ask... Would a cop be happy as a pilot? It seems the pilots arent happy as cops.


I see Air3 every few days here in CYYF. Most of the time its below 500 and goin **** quick, personally I think that might be fun. In fact, I have a few pictures of it within throwing distance of my house looking for a Teen that drown in the creek behind my house.


Here ya go-





I would think it would be a fun job... on the other hand Calgary Police probably do more traffic survailence then the RCMP do here, I could also see how flying over the same city night after night, day after day could get much more repetitive then slingin logs elsewhere.


On another note- what are the req's to fly Hawc1, I could see it being a good way to get into the industry if they allow lowtime pilots to fly. (I think I hear wheels turning in my head again... ****)


Cole B)




Note to self, turn on autofocus


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Sorry cole but I don't think that is likely to happen....I do however thing that it would be a great way to learn the ropes sitting beside a hightimer because unlike heli-logging there would be more oppertunity of having your hands on the controlls. Another benefit is fact that those ships are pretty much always at gross weight which would teach the newer driver how to manage their power. Like many other operations this would be a great way to introduce people into the industry!!! :up:


Give it a try cole you never know





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Wouldn't it be cheaper to train pilots to become police officers?


Not to trivialize police training, but I doubt that the training costs would add up to the same amount as a rotary CPL, a 500N type rating, and acquiring enough hours to meet the inevitable insurance minimums.

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Hey heres something interesting- RCMP Police cars are not insured like private cars. If something happens with an RCMP car they have their own sort of policy type thing to take care of it.

Surely someone knows more about it though... They cant possibly have the same thing with their aircraft?


This was brought up when I got into a discussion about an RCMP cruiser cutting off a motorcycle to pull him over, but the motorcycle had no chance of stopping and was laid down. After the biker talked to his legal advisor he successfully sued the RCMP for Reckless Endangerment, they paid out every dime because cop cars arent actually insured.


That kind of interested me. Im sure that city police have a different deal though, not that kind of money.

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Hmmm...I knew that cop cars didn't carry normal insurance, but I didn't think of it when I posted that.


I wonder if the same applies to police air units. Although I'd wager that a police department would still have to carry liability insurance on an air unit..does anybody know for sure? Helicopper?

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There are a host of reasons why RCMP cruiser cars are not insured and the list goes on as long as your forearm. Some are surmised and some are not even thought about by John Q. Public.


Here is one example that few know about. In many areas across Canada that the RCMP have Detachments, much of their patrol area, if not all, is dirt roads and highways. Rocks and other debris fly-up from the tires on these dirt roads and when the higher percentage of driving is done on those roads the number of gas tanks punctured and made useless becomes expensive. The RCMP have for decades placed a 1/4" steel plate under the gas tank and therefore protecting the gas tank from rocks/debris and prolonging it's life. No pubiic insurance company will insure such a vehicle because that steel plate has the potential to create a static charge between itself and the gas tank..........in the insurance industry's humble opinion. Nothing of the sort has ever happened. That is just one of many, many reasons why many of the RCMP crusier cars are uninsured.


The whole subject has always been a "moot" point because the government can insure themselves as well or better than any insurance firm can.

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pssst cole.....the 500N (520N actually) is being replaced by a second 120.


And to keep it off topic and in line with the other off topic insurance comments.....if you ever get in an accident with a CANADA plated vehicle....good luck. At least the RCMP will settle, but a government of Canada plated vehicle can literally drive away.

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