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Gsh's School At Cybw

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I'm looking for former/current students of the GSH school, hopefully folks that went through the program since they moved it to CYBW.


What were your experiences during your time there? Positive? Negative? Indifferent? Do the students at Bighorn throw rocks at you while you're doing circuits? :shock:


From what I can gather from their website, their aim seems to be the production of small classes, and then hiring most or all of their graduates (provided that aptitude and attitude are satisfactory)


My thought is that they must see a benefit to having new hires that have done all their flying in turbines - otherwise they'd simply be chasing away potential students with sticker shock :blink:


Another question that occurs to me: Have they incorporated any time on the 500D into their program? The most up-to-date info on their website says that they're considering it...but that's over a year old.


I know, I know, just call them...but I'm well outside cell phone range at the moment. I don't think my current employer wants to pay for a sat phone bill so that I can call them.


If anyone isn't comfortable airing any comments they might have on the open forum, PM's would be just fine as well. Thanks! :up:

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Here is a company I happen to know something about...


I have numerous emails from J.R. at GSH in YBL (Ah, all the acronyms!) about possible employment.


Heres the theory- you pay a subsidised rate to GSH (80+grand) and you get your 100 hours 206... in another email it was established that within the first 50 hours the CFI decides whether you get H500 time or not, and how much. At the time of the email I was told as much as 50/50 206/500. Within this training you are being judged and evaluated for employment, think of the whole thing as one big interview/checkride. This way the company knows for certain if it wants to hire you at the end of training. The aim is to hire most if not all 100 hour pilots. As for work once you finished the course I was told of the pilots hired the average was about 50 hours in the first year with the max being 100+ and the second year being full time.


I have all the emails exchanged with GSH on file, PM me your email address and I will pass them on to you.




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That approach actually makes a lot of sense to me. My current employer has a similar approach, except that the initial program is 5 days of unpaid training, followed by a month or two of paid in-the-field training. Then again, we're not footing the bill for 100 hours of 206 time.

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Makes sense to me to... Train your own pilot, dont have to spend time finding out their work ethic.


Full time second year is pretty sweet if you can do it... I would go that route for certain if I could front the money to do it.


I will send you some emails and PM's I got when I was talking about going to GSH, you see a trend occuring with students... give me until tomorow night, sleep now



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I would suggest that you newbies, and future 100hr pilots be very cautious in regards to what your 'promised.' I am reading all this thinking "a smoke and mirror show going on here!" Yes GSL is a great company. Your license, your time, is company revenue $$$ for them, and the CFI. Doing an entire 100 course on a turbine is a waste of money, unless you have unlimited resources. $80K plus wow! A 500D is almost a helicopter of the past. Most work that they do are beyond the limits of a new pilot, ie drill moves.


Remember, the CFI is a flight instructor, doing business for himself, and maybe building hours as well. I know very few companies where the CFI hires the pilots. I would get those same emails from the CP or Operations Manager who in most cases look after the current and future crew hiring. The CFI's input may be a source of reference!


Maybe look at their hanger set up now that they moved....pretty piss poor operations for a pilot in training trying to land with the wires, roads, firehall, aircraft, trucks, trailers..etc....(I suggest take a look for yourself!) The current location was never designed for helicopters.


Anyways only be cautious! That is alot of money for a maybe broken promise in the end! "caviot emptor" buyer beware!

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