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Low Life Pilot And Operator


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Well well well.


The authorities have finally caught up with a fellow pilot/operator I know.


he has a long list of underhanded things that he has done in the past and gotten a way with. Well what goes around comes around. Its always just a matter of time. :up: :rolleyes:


Guys like that give us all a bad name. We don't need these kind of jerks around. I hope transport nails this guy to the cross and make an example of him.


I also think that he may have had one of his machines vandalized in the past. I wonder who and why? B) Hmmm!


I'll have to get the boys downstairs to look a little more closely at this guy. :angry:

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fer crying out load they are just swamp donkeys.....


Now if they were doing this to the wonderful wildlife that deserves to live, then I might get a tad bit upset. :punk:




big stories with nothing ...the agent sieze the helicopter for 15 minutes....then gave it back ................i know personally those people..belive me they is NO POCHING at all in that cases..........let's see in court what will happen............journalist are good to put up a big story in a paper..........wait and see what happen :blink::blink::blink:

before jugement guys !!!!!!!!!!!

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