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Don't show up with your girl / boy friend in tow so she / he can "come along for the ride."


No way. You mean someone actually did this? Seriously?


I don't know much about checkrides but try to use the bathroom before your flight. I had a job interview once where I had to piss so bad... brutal, nothing more uncomfortable than a situation like that. I got the job though.

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if a chiefpilot or an owner of a company is taking you out for a checkride...

what is he expecting from 100h pilot??

high flying skills, perfect descicison making, a good sense of humor, or just a good attitude???


I asked the same question three years ago. Check here for some tips:


Check ride Memories


A couple of tips from my experience(s):


1. Beg, borrow, or steal a flight manual for the type you expect to get checked out on. Get to know that flight manual inside and out. Pay attention to the supplements. There are things in the flight manual you MUST KNOW, and if you don't know them, don't bother showing up for the check-ride. The odd tricky question may come up, if you don't know the answer, you should at least know where to find the answer. This goes for the maps, CFS and weather as well.


2. The person checking you out is not expecting ace flying skills, they want to see you have "good hands and feet". Just relax and be yourself.



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No way. You mean someone actually did this? Seriously?


Yes he sure did.

I remember that poor boy well.

He was wearing blue jean shorts, a dirty T shirt and brown sandles - with black socks - she had on a nice peasant dress and a bovine expression.

One of the worst rides I was ever priviledged to do.

Someone had taken a lot of money from the poor deluded fool and taught him nothing. It would have been more mercifull had they just held a gun to his head and took the money. At least he would have been aware that something bad was happening to him.

He couldn't identify any part of the engine, had no idea of systematic checks, no clue on radio procedures, couldn't do a confined area and the left foward pedal failure was followed buy a pleasant 3 or 4 minutes of cross controlled flight while he did abolutely nothing - he had no clue what to do next. As for the the outo - " notice the airport? - see the windsock? Notice that the wind is directly down the grass runway? OK? Practice outorotation! Throttle closed now! --Our hero bottoms the collective, which is a good thing, he then shoves the nose over about 20 degrees and then starts a turning dive downwind away from the runway towards a freshly plowed field, which was a bad thing. A most interesting manuever. Anyhoo order was finally restored and that was that.

I felt both sorry and sad for that poor boy. He had spent every cent he had and a lot he didn't on a dream - and someone was mean spirited enough to take his money. He obviously had no skills and should have been told the truth around the 10 hour mark and sent on his way.

Perhaps I wasted a 1/2 hour of non - rev but it was the least I could do. The conversation I had with him in my office when we got back was one of the most unpleasant things I have ever had to do. He was crushed. In the bottom of his heart he knew he did not have it but the reality check was still devestating.

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