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Milk Run

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Guest graunch1

Very interesting account of how Human Factor issues can sway judgement and safety is thrown out the window by the boss if the "pointy end" does not show sufficient assertiveness to counteract the demands by the Boss,customer, manager whomever title he has


Good CRM by the FO to keep Rumrunner up to date on the flight path and good job on him to have the presence of mind to recall wardroom war stories.

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so is rumrunner Chris Mckenna? I'm so confused :wacko: I thought he was just quoting someone elses story.....





You are correct. I posted the story "as food for thought".

I am glad it has led to some open, positive comments.


I was told many years ago that we need to learn by the mistakes of others, as we won't live long enough to make them all on our own.



Here is to hoping that the 2007 year is a safer year than 2006 was.


Merry Christmas to all !!



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Thank you for the lovely reminder to drink more coffee than beer, Skullie. Pinch fer you! :D:P



Heh, this why i only drink scotch. It's naturally low-fat and and any helicopter pilot worth his salt will always get the weights right when transporting said scotch! To do otherwise would require the ultimate penalty! (finger pointing and chastising from the Engineers!)



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