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Any Regular Schedules Out There?

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Hey everyone. Just wondering if there are any companies out there who offer regular two on two off schedules? It seems a lot of guys, (A LOT), have stories how there two on two off always seems to turn into three and half on 10 days off, two and half on 5 days off etc. etc.. So anyone have any thoughts on which companies out there stick to their scheduling and give their pilots a chance at a life? Thanks for the input.

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this last summer i worked on a 28 day on, 7 day off schedule........


i travelled on day 1 out and home on day 28 and was paid for my travel days then had 7 full days off............


i did this all summer and the company never once asked me to extend or screwed me over in any way.


Delta Helicopters in St. Albert :up: 1st class outfit and paid top rates too! :up:


i just reread your question (it's late) sorry....2 and 2........ i have always heard good things about Alpine running 2/2 all year round but to get in is another story....... also, most logging shows run 2 and 2 i believe (Helifor ect...)

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