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Whats Wrong With The Right Sound?

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I'm surely not the only one that has a girlfriend that get pissed off every time that I tell her that the helicopter sound in a wathever movie where watching is not the right one. I just cant help it. I really wanna know what is wrong with recording the aircraft actual sound. It seems that every helicopter makes either the Huey "chop-chop" of the Jet Ranger "snap-snap" sound. :down:


Is this that the producers dont want to put money on having the real sound, they'd rather put a computered sound instead so that the people dont get confused if its a helicopter or a kite? :blink:

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The guys in the studio cutting and dubbing the movie together have no idea what a real helicopter sounds like so they just put in a generic sound effect probably recorded in 1955 or thereabouts.

What I luv is when the helicopter comes to a hover then goes to idle as it descends towards the ground.


The helicopter in distress scenes are always good for a giggle too! Blinding red light on! Sound of war surplus battleship horn -Suitably overendowed starlet starts screaming - Grim faced hero stirs cyclic frantically - bank 90 deg left, 90 deg right then a Diving turn toward the ground with sound of Stuka Dive bomber - My Gawd we're all gonna die!

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My mom's ex-boyfriend used to get all pissed off when I would pick apart his James Bond movies (I seem to remember one of the bad guys flying off in a 206 and James Bond does a flying leap on to the skids and the heli barely moves a centimeter in a hover; then the pilot is surprised to see mr Bond pop in one of the doors!!!) According to him....he didn't really care if it was the right sound..he recognized it and it was something that sounded tough!! He didn't care if the pilot should notice 250 lbs of Bond landing mid-flight on the skids...he wanted the action of a BANG-BANG-SHOOT-'EM-UP!!!



Not to mention (was it Van Helsing/Underworld!?!?!?) when there military helicopter gets pulled by its external hoist cable down into some underground chamber (by a demon standing in the middle of a room) and the thing is hanging by its tail with the engine still going full bore and most of the blades still intact (after its spectular enterance of beating the chamber to bits) so that some woman and the dracula could try to push eachother into it.


And how about that very first episode of LOST!!! With that 737 engine that continues to run even though the aircraft is in a million pieces after the crash. It even sucks some hapless survivor into it; but the sand that its banked in doesn't seem to be doing much.....and then where is it getting its however many hundreds of pounds per hour fuel that it would be consuming as it is still running? How did the turbine still maintain any tip clearance during the crash so IT COULD RUN!?!?!


I think we made it to the third episode before we tanked it out of the DVD player and returned the DVD's to thier enthusiastic owner with a "thanks but no thanks".


Made for the masses: to the lowest common denominator of brainless entertainment.!!! :down:

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You guys want real sounds? Watch a Michael Mann film. Heat is still one of my favourite movies out there. There's a gun battle on the streets of LA that sounds crazy in suround sound.


There's also a scene where Al Pacino's character is in one of LAPD's AS350's which later lands near the highway to let him off and I'm willing to bet that they used live sound in the shot. (Though anyone is welcome to prove me wrong)


I've also read that in Apocalypse Now, they used actual sounds for the Hughes helicopters (Low rotor rpm horn is one that stands out as a 'fact' that I read) possibly others too.


Speaking of movies and helicopters, anyone care to share their favourite scene/stunt involving a helicopter in a movie? Personally I like True Lies where Jamie Lee Curtis gets plucked from the limo by a 212 or Terminator 2 where a Jet Ranger flies under and overpass :shock:



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I liked cliff hanger for it's cheesyness! (Sly Stallone)

Scene one: "I can't pick you off that pinnacle but I can stretch a cable from there to this other pinnacle and wait here 'till you climb across and drop the girl"!!! :up:

Scene dunno: Pa Walton (can't remember his name) Reppels chickie from Northern exposure down onto the biggest honking gravel bar I've ever seen!! Guess he couldn't land> :up:



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The best, most fantastic, ridiculous scene is in Mission Impossible when an MD500 flies into the Chanel Tunnel behind a train <_< . It follows the train some way into the tunnel even surviving a Train passing in the other direction, also totally impossible as the real tunnel has two bores one in each direction. Anyway, after the inevitable crash :rolleyes: the rotor blades, now sharp jagged edges are still spinning on the still intact rotor hub threatening to cut Tom Cruise’s throat. I think pushing the bounds of reality that far ruins the rest of the film. :down:

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how about when they use piston engine sounds when a jetranger shutsdown :down:



movie stunt;

"gone in 60 seconds" Nicolas Cage driving the shelby down the water runoff channel, he hits the nitrous and the cop chasing him radios to the Astar pilot "don't lose Him" and the pilot while flying under the bridges replys "this is an Astar not an Apache" :up:

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