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Carrying Handguns

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thanks to the new firearms legislation, (few police officers of which are fluent in... myself included in the majority of uninformed)... acquisition/possession/registration/permit to transport/carry, storage regs, etc have created a billion dollar (+) boondoggle that will inevitably make "criminals" out of 99% of law abiding gun owners...


until this present day mess is straightened out, my advice (for what it's worth) is to simply find an acceptable alternative...


they are far more worry than they're worth, right now!

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i carried a SPAS 12 Autoloader for years in the hatrack with the plug out. 4 slugs followed by some double OO :up:


"bear bangers"??? :huh: i'll show you "bear bangers" :punk: :punk:


when the new regs came out, the SPAS 12 topped the bad list :shock:


i continued to carry the gun for another few years until i left the bush for an IFR job.....


i then gave the gun as gift to my engineer ;)


i find that now with students i just need a big stick :P

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Collective ------"Yes" very many carried a weapon onboard their F/W and R/W aircraft years ago. It was not considerd unusual at all, although it was usually limited to those working the Arctic Islands, barren lands or such enviroments. In fact, there were companies out there that issued long arms for jobs in such areas.........and insisted on same. Some guys used side arms, but most used long guns of some tye. There were practical reasons for that choice. It's much easier to hit somethng with .12 Ga./ 30.30 over/under combination for example, than trying the same thing with some sidearm at some distance. I had to put that belief into action for 10 days in the Fall of '68 on the AB/NWT border area and so I come at this subject with a certain point of view. Having your *** on the line for real at -35F in the middle of nowhere, roaming wolfpacks and food running low makes that over/under look mighty good. I wouldn't be too concerned about the law concerning the same type of weapon nowadays either for the same enviroment. Sidearms always were and are a different matter though.

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Hey Cap... :up: Thanx for the input...all of you, thanx.


Again, I do not wish to carry, just gather some information. As for the hand gun when confronted with a big ole' PO'd bear...well...thats just gong to get him/her angery. Bear bangers. I witnesed a black being hit with bear bangers...made her tuck her rump in a bit..jog a few yards down the cutline then turn back and let us know she wasnt pleased with us. I dont know about them.


Skullcap..thats pretty much what I had to say to him.


Helicopper..no truer words...Most of the guys and gals up here say.."here, call this number, they may be able to help you out." Cant say I blame them. Its a confusing issue.


Thanx everyone. I will pass this on.

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Back in the day we were with the UN in Cambodia. Some of the boys bought chinese AK 47's and kept em by the seat of the 212. You could by them in the russian market for about 50 bucks.

the base manager was showing off his knowledge of firearms and managed to put a round through the roof of the seacan.

American Major in charge of heliops comes running sticks his head into the seacan reeking of cordite and says "everybody OK?' ...............Good.

I asked him later if he was worried about people running round with automatic weapons thinking they could defend themselves from the Kmer Rouge. In light of the fact they had no training. His response was " oh it comes pretty natural once the shooting starts."


That was a cool job.

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I carry one of these most everywhere I go.


I cut it down so it is more portable, but the f.ckin thing makes a lot more noise. But that really does not make much difference because it gets the work done real fast.



It's doubtful if I could get a permit to carry but that is only paper work so who needs it.



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while i agree with you that our gun laws suck, i disagree with you about the bear situation. They don't just come out of the woods and attack you like most women do down in the southern states. (Can you people keep them chained up at least?) So having a gun for protection is a very small part of it. Proper training in dealing with bears works better at saving your hide anyway.

we also rarely have to live off the land as well. this isn't the beginning of time anymore, and search and rescue does a fine job of picking you up long before the hunger pains make you think that eating a rabbit or your fattest passenger is the last hope.

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