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Our UN boys are out!!

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There's one thing for sure. If Saddam uses chemical or biological weapons on the Americans he will have proved Messrs. Blair and Bush correct and himself a liar. IF such should happen, then in all fairness, I would hope that as much 'hoopla' will be made of them being correct as there has being during the 'lead-up'. We'll soon see.


I notice Chretin stated that no exchange personnel with the American Forces will be in a combat role. That's very interesting, because there are five members of JTF-2 with the Special Forces. One of them is the son of my next door neighbour and he hasn't had a phone call from him in two weeks. You don't suppose Chretin and McCallum would lie?.....nahhhhhh.

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CTD, they won''t halt terrorism, in fact they expect to increase it. The media and the spin doctors have unfortunately tied this to the war on terrorism, but this is a seperate issue. Yes Bush was using the public hype against terrorism and loose ties to terrorist networks to generate support, but the real issue lies elsewhere.


Some guy has a huge military, WMD, invades a neighboring nation, gets attacked, defeated and then avoids war crime trials and ousting by weak UN actions that include demanding losing the WMD and being open to inspection. 12 years later hasn''t happened. Finally someone talks tough. little bit happens. Based on reputation this man should not hold the power he does. His people don''t get to oust him. The global community chooses to give him ''a few'' chances. He uses them and still doesn''t submit.


Not saying here that war is the answer, but if it''s not I don''t know what it will take. Waiting is an answer, but it''s already been tried (12 yrs).

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If anyone hasn''t seen enough on TV, CBC broadcast a documentary on Iraq and what has happened over the past 10-15 yrs to bring things to this point - it is very interesting and as unbiased as I have seen. Goes into the US siding with Iraq during the Iran war, as well as the French, Russian and German economic interests in Iraq that would make them want to avert anything to disrupt the flow of $$ coming their way. Doesn''t say who is right or wrong, but informs.


Saddam made the list of the world''s billionaires, so I am sure he can afford a townhouse in Toronto and an immigration lawyer. I am sure Canada Immigration will give him and his sons a fair hearing as refugees from US oppresion - sorry had to throw that in....


Hope it''s short and for everyones'' sake


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as many of you, i myself am not in favour of war BUT, i also realize that saddam hussien is a monster that needs to go. did we forget the gas attacks 15 years ago? that wasn''t a military "action" it was women and children in their homes. that psycho has killed hundreds of thousands of people and he sits in the ranks of the hitlers and stalins of this world. the outcome of this war will be quick and you will see iraqi''s surrendering in droves and the truths of that madman will come out when he is gone. then we will be in for a shock. then again, human nature forgets rather quickly.........

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