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Our UN boys are out!!

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The expression, "oh ya, well the US gave Saddam all these weapons for use against his enemies", always gives me a chuckle. Canada, the US and England did the same for Joseph Stalin during WW2 and some of the aircraft were ferried through Canada. Good Canadian sailors gave their lives trying to get weapons into Murmansk, Russia for 'uncle' Joe also. Joseph Stalin murdered 20,000,000 of his own people. My Mom flew aircraft for Ferry Command, so I guess that made her a supporter of Joe Stalin, Communism and she indirectly aided him in the murder of the 20M. Never ceases to amaze me how people forget history.

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There's a member of the JTF-2 from Newfie, that has the record in Afghanistan, for distance taking out a target....2760 yds. with a $1.65 shell. That's the way to do it and then George II could have saved his $290B USD that the war will supposedly cost. Wonder if Chretin would have supported that and 'loaned out' the Newfie?9.gif

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