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Cheeks, basket or pod ( with a closing lid), left hand sliding door.


I disagree with T-rex.. even though I had the sliding door almost fall off once, its well worth it.


I like it becasue it is easier for the crew to load, for recons, and it can get unbearably hot in the middle of summer with out it open!

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Door fall off? Man you must be swinging bags hard then!!!!


My favorite story with the sliding door is when it is fully open and locked open, then some moron tries to close it, and tries and tries again....before they put on a headset and you remind them about the upper door lock!!


Or the time I left the job in the AM with a right hand drive and showed up in the PM with a brand new shiny left hand drive Astar. This gal opened the left door and almost jumped into my lap, she couldn't figure out why I was flying on the wrong side.......treeplanters eh? Too bad she was so dirty!!!!

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Wasnt swinging bags at that moment. I was flying for the Parks Service.. We landed and the crew was getting out. I looked over and one of the guys was holding the door, it was completely off the rail.. The rod with the roller had sheared, the cast aluminum piece had been worn away for the rough ness of the track. I have some pictures somewhere..


There is ad or a sl for the engineer to check that and it wasnt being done. Also if you get grooving in the rail, when it reaches a certian pointit has to go.. and thats some metal work.


I tell those guys, treat the door like your girlfriend, its costs more than you will make in a year!


I have a bit of time flying the Left hand drive. The nice thing is the collective and FCL is gaurded. .. The bad thing is you have to lean way way out sling. I am 5.7 and stout. I have to turn the pedals around, slide the seat back and sit on foam.. We also had a fabricated arm rest over the collective so you could lean out easier, and have something to support your weight on. I find it much easier and comfortable to sling through the window on the right side.


my 2 cent


T-rex- you guys do any capture this fall/winter.....

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Yes, lots of capture work! You interested in molesting some animals with the 500? Let me know! Its all fun and games...until you get kicked or biten in the head or n*ts!!



Back to topic, as for the Left hand Drive, I am not sure what they where/are good for, I think someone at EC Canada really had a bad wetdream/nightmare and put it on paper and then sold the idea to some Operators !!!

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