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Study Material For Initial Ifr


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Not to mention that the AIM and the AWARE and Air Command Weather Manual are the cats miaow.


There are a few IFR books that are american too, that might help a lot, one by Trewor Thom called the Instrument Pilot Manual.


The Instrument Procedures Manual by TC is also a necessity.




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Highly recommend Pro IFR's 3 day IFR seminar. The study book you get is worth it's weight in gold.


I could not agree with Ryan more, they could charge double and I would still recommend the course. During the course John does a really good job seperating the plane and helicopters differences, when it comes to IFR procedures.

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Phil's book, Canadian Instrument Workbook, and flightsim - check. :up:

AIM, Air Command Weather Manual and TC Procedures Manual - check. :up:

Pro IFR course or gold - no joy. :down: Wife, Daughter and Mortgage - check. :rolleyes:

CAP Gen - check. :up:


I'll likely do the Aerocourse 3 Day IFR Seminar in March - Pro IFR is a bit too far away for moi.


Thanks all - I'll continue to look for the other items over the next few days.

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Yes, ProIFR's course is also highly recommended - sorry, forgot!


Two tips - be very familiar with the machine you do the test on so you don't look like a dork looking for the switches, and if you get an emergency on finals on the non-precision approach that slows you down (say a hydraulics failure) ask the copilot (i.e. the examiner) to recalculate the timings.



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