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Study Material For Initial Ifr


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And for the lastr cramming for the exam, if you can pass the tests in the Aerocourse book with a good margin, say about 80-90%, then you will pass. Just remember. Both the Coulhane and Aerocourse are Fixed wing, and there are helicopter specific things that you will find in the AIM, the CAP GEN and the Instrument Procedures manual from TC.


incidentally, there are minor mistakes in the IPC, so double check numbers before you memorize them. What springs to mind are the RVR numbers for the Approach ban.


www.fergworld.com also has some Instrument Simulators (ILS/VOR/ADF) that are worth playing with.




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Also starting to see more GPS approach/overlay questions on the INRAT exam. And on at least one GPS question, the answer TC has in the system is wrong and students were getting the correct answer marked as incorrect. Pro IFR was in the middle of disputing it with TC last I heard, as that one question was the difference between pass and fail for one poor guy.

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Hey MR. No-see-em, Happy New Year. Glad to see you're working on something new. With reference to Phil's post- don't slow that thing down too much or you'll be in reverse-unless of course your flight test vehicle isn't what I'm thinking it is.

If you're interested you could come along on my next"blow the rust off" flight; no ADF but a couple of GPS/VOR/ILS rigs.





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:shock: :up:

Welcome back Martman. Yes, I've finally kicked myself enough times and have got to put my nose to the grindstone. I'm at the bottom of the hill looking up right now. Perhaps I could trick you into hopping in a certain approved sim I have access to as well in order to help me in my quest? Whole new world, lots to learn.


I will forego my usual speech tainted in sarcasm and say it would be an honour and a privilige to get the dust off that sweet ride (goggles on of course). My email remains the same, or PM me.



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Winnie - did I hear that the RVR numbers had gone up to 1600, or was that just a proposal?


T5 - the slowing down thing was one I got on my ride, in a 206!


Another tip if you don't have an ADF is to use a Garmin 296 on the expanded rose page - the little arrow thingy pointing to the waypoint behaves in exactly the same way



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