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Baron 58 Engines

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I was talking yestreday with a fellow pilot....friend of mine...about the Baron 58. I was saying that it was taht plane that I would buy....If I had the money....of course.


Because my friend as a lot more experience than me, he told me that because of the atmsopheric engines I would be disappointed about the performance at high altitude.


Well my question is very simple: Is it possible or is there any modification on the market that are available so we can put turbocharge engine on a Baron 58? :huh:

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Well I know there's still good old Baron P58 on the market and some in pretty good shape. But....we were talking about a brand new baron 58 and put a conversion kit on it to change the engines to turbocharged ones.

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Wow, an new Baron? I was down in Wichita two years ago touring the factory and they had a brand new Baron 58 in the delivery hangar for a mear $650000 US!! How about getting a used Cessna 421 instead!


The August 2003 Aviation Consumer had a good article on turbochargers pros and cons.

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