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Helicopter Lands On Highway

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Well John I see you are still ill informed.The only reason a Pilots life is bad is because they make it bad.As for long times away from home I also have long times at home.As for a happy Family Life mine is GREAT.As for wasting money learning to fly instead of a university education I know my money was well spent going flying.As for over worked and under paid I would bet your chosen career has the same issues.As for getting back on "the horse" making you miserable I would venture to guess you probably got back on one to many times.


JDP86 Here is a little advice Look in the next operations manual you come across.In the Emergency contacts list you will find a list of peaple to contact incase of an accident/incident.These are the only peaple you talk to about such an event.You do not talk on open forums or to reporters no matter how pushy they are and they can be very tricky at times.The most important person to talk to is your operations Manager they will take care of the issue.Even though you are only a student pilot you are still bound by the company ops manual of the aircraft you are flying..Do not let this incident stop you from flying it is a GREAT life no matter what that other guy says.


PS - About it being low paying don't tell anybody, I make as much as half of the university grads so I think I am doing pretty good.

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Thats right John helicopter pilots are the only people who push the weather. Never once heard of an airplane pilot doing the same or a bus driver, you are obviously a very intelligent man who loathes the helicopter industry for one reason or another( after researching your former posts ) I'm glad to hear everyone is OK in this matter. Next time you post you might want to dumb it down for us unedumacated chevy cavalier helimocopter guys and gals. :down:

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