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New direction for the winter, heli-skiing, 206 support, haven't flown one with any regularity for 4 years, what a great experience. Couldn't have come at a better time, a lot less money but good schedule, and great people. The training was very different from anything I've ever experienced, I would have to say the best training experience I've had yet, auto's to confined. NOT something one would attempt with a low-intertia rotor, but talk about sharpening up one's power management and handling at 7-8.5 '. New appreciation for the mountain course a few years ago.


How many operators could have this kind of schedule for the summer? Are any of you Pilots/Engineers working this kind of Sched in the summer? And making more than your partner at the Jiffy Lube?


Finishing up in April and then back to the grind stone of the summer work on the line I guess. I have to say, these bankers and hotel moguls paying 7 g's a week are laid back. With that much money to throw I'd give up wearing pants. Although there are some cherry farmers who go once a year and thrift it out for their love of the powder.


And one last mention, to every engineer that has kept me safe, and everyone else, happy new year and all deserved respect to you.

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Other than the heli-logging guys, (Hayes, C.A.C. etc...) the only company that I have ever heard of that sticks to a two and two for their drivers and wrenchs all year long is Alpine. But then again, that is only for the pool guys. The base guys are still two weeks on and on from what I've heard.



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2 and 2 , year round. Sit at home a collect salary when not working ( like right now, wish the skiing was better)

Drills, fire, seismic, logging, whatever.


Expected to work a little work over when asked ( not that much).


Love it, never want to go back to 8 months striaght or 3 months with out a day off!

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