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Whats Fair For A Wrench?


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the question is though, for a guy in the field who is not punching a clock....how do you really know how many hours he is honestly working? Its a tough call. sometimes i was starting work at 5am and going till 11pm, but wasn't working with wrench in hand that whole time.....no way would I feel good about taking $930 for that. (but i still would incidently)


Daily rates prevail in that scenario.


and Ktown....don't fret my man, I wasn't being serious. But i feel sorry for you if you're a 5th year engineer and 55K is a huge pay raise for you. Owning a 205 endorsement with 5 years experience still means your a guy with 5 years experience. you haven't even gained the valuable experience on the 205 yet, so don't expect much more than 1 wrung up the salary scale. the big bonus will be in flight pay if they have it.

And you sure did generate alot of questions for me over one statement, I'm clearly not the genious you think I am.

don't get worked up so much next time ok?

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Everyone you talk to seems to work out there own deal and wages. I would say go for as much as you can get oviously. One thing to remember is extra's like daily food allowance, away from base pay, who pays for YOUR cell phone the company is using to conduct work, do you get a company visa card to buy fuel and so on? Or is it on your expense until the company decides to pay you back. What about travelling in your on car/truck, whats the rate for Km's or who pays for the fuel. Scheduled rotation at the base and while away, there should be a bonus if you have to stay out longer. These are all important things companies seem to neglect until you show up with your tool box then they tell you the way it is.

If they bought you the 205 course don't like them use that against you when it comes time to working out a deal. They oviously like and trust you so they know you are worth investing and keeping around. The good companies out there know if they pay a little more then the guy down the street they won't have an open door where people come and go on a regular basis.

I'd say go for 75,000 flat rate, plus all the extra's and flight pay. That's not an uncommon number these days.


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The average person works about 2,000 hours a year. At $35 an hour that is at least $70,000 a year and this would be for a nine to five job five days a week with weekends and statutory holidays off.


That is without a doubt the funniest thing I have ever read on this site. Sorry Elvis.


9 to 5 with weekends off. Fat chance.....


anyone who posts that has absolutley no clue about the heli industry

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Found this on the web..food for thought.





Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


AME’s are a specialized group of mechanics performing the miracles of modern technology to keep the fleets of aircraft in the skies over Canada and around the world.


Aircraft Maintenance is growing in proportion to airline travel. At this time there is a distinct shortage of qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers especially those who can hold senior positions as Directors of Maintenance or equivalent.


Recent growth has exceeded the output of many of the aviation maintenance training facilities. In Calgary, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology operates one of this country's best programs and recently built a dedicated facility at the Calgary International Airport.


Wages vary according to qualifications and experience. It takes four years to complete training and qualify as an AME. Additional ratings for turbine, avionics, engine overhaul etc. will give the AME greater employability as well as pay. Working for a large air carrier on transport category aircraft is usually among the higher compensated jobs. Salary ranges vary widely depending on size and type of aircraft, location and position.


* First, second year apprentice: From $8.00 hr to 12.00hr

* Third year or new AME: From $10.00 hr to 16.00hr

* Up to 5 years experience holding general qualifications: from $38 to 54K per year

* Additional qualifications and/or more than 5 years experience: from $40 to 65K per year


For more on information training and education, check out the AMT learning website.

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As for a shortage of graduates I know that one major college is thinking of cancelling its nest intake because of a shortage of applicants. Why? It all boils down to the wage. Students do not wanto commit to 4 years of education and apprenticing to make $20 an hour and I can't blame them.

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