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Whats Fair For A Wrench?


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Most helicopter owners have no problem paying their local dealership $100/hr to work on their 50,000 truck but have a hard time paying an AMO $75/hr to fix their multi million dollar aircraft.


There is somthing really wrong with that! :down:



I don't get out of bed in the morning for anything less than $40 per hour in town and $450/day plus per diem and expences Out of town. And I've never been out of work in 7 years. If you want qualified people to work on your helicopters you going to have to pay Because the rates are going up. :D





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If you think that your making money now? Wait till after May 2007 when the Huges 500 blade daily, or hour or TQ event inspection reverts to a licesened engineer.


Hi dirofmtce: Even though I am endorsed on the 500, I am not current. I have forgotten what a 500 blade inspection entails. Does your statement mean a licenced AME will have to be with the machine at all times? Is there enough 500 guys around to cover things?

Thanks in advance


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Hello Splitpin:

In my previous statement I was referring to HAC's release of information. In it concisely, it means that the only person who can sign off the daily AD is a licensed engineer on type.

Go to the HAC site for more info.



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Let's all realize that owners/operators are not hurting. Cootoes to them. However when I see a check for 30,000.00 when they bought fuel low and sold it for more, all fair. We ask for a raise....

Do u hear the crickets....

Just 2 cents



Darcor.................I like your style. And oh ya, I do hear the crickets.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who responded to the post, lots of good comments.


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