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Global Star Sat Phones

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The iridium phones cost a lot more, at least half again as much as the global stars. But they work, don't feel as cheep and you can use them with any cell set adapter for in flight use. Did I mention that they actually work.

Does the Blue sky system come with a hand set or do you have to purchase it separate.I do not care if the phone is clear as long as I can us it when I need the phone.Does anyone know if the the costs are simular between the two systems.
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We equipped our machine with Globalstar about 5-6 years ago. Worked great until about late 2005http://www.verticalmag.com/forums/style_images/1/folder_post_icons/icon7.gif. Now we may as well go back to SSB/HF or even smoke signals! Had the chance recently to use the Iridium -which works like the GStar used to. I think there's definitely one in our future.

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Same here in Southern Ontario. Coverage was good at the start in 2005 but now 75 % of the time it's seaching for coverage. Then when you have it your call doesn't go thru and goes back to searching. I think a class action suit is in order.

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Living in the past or relating to the past and trying not to make the same mistakes again, when I was a contracting officer for the feds, the following was mandated in all contracts in the north.


When GPS came out it was required on all contracts.


Reasoning: More efficient use and save on fuel.

Also, a person was never lost as long as he could read a map.

Nowadays most crews don't leave home without it.


Now there has come about, an Iridium telephone system that works anywhere in Canada, including the Arctic.


It has telephone communication (satellite) and works over water.


If the person is unable to communicate, it has a GPS homing signal which is just as good as the ELT, which will be decommissioned.


If, again, I was in charge of contracts for the feds, these phones would be mandatory.


For more Info:Toll Free: 1-800-871-3011

Web Site: www.infosat.com/skytalker

E-mail: info@infosat.com





Bringing portable data and voice

communication to private and

commercial aircraft.

SkyTalker Network

The SkyTalker C-1000 is tailored exclusively for aviation applications.

Built around the Iridium Satellite network,the C-1000 combines the

exceptional reliability and rich feature set of all Motorola Satellite phones

with a sleek,small form factor for easy in-cabin or cockpit location.

The VL-1000 Dual Mode Interface links

the existing headset with the intercom

infrastructure on the aircraft. Once the

satellite phone is attached to the VL-1000,

the pilot can talk on the phone and still

maintain all standard ATC radio communication

as a priority over the phone connection.

Using Motorola Satellite Series phones as

the foundation and the Iridium satellite

service,Sk yTalker Network offers a simple

way to make and receive phone calls,

receive short text messages; and

for data users,send and receive email



This is not meant as an advertisement, but as a Safety Feature, it's available in Canada, owned by Bell.


Infosat Telecommunications Canada

18 Fawcett Rd.


Canada,V3K 6X9



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We have had the same response with our hand held 1600 globalstar phones, always a problem with signal, better luck with your cell phone. Globalstar credited us with some discounts, nothing worth bragging about.


We recently installed the Latitude Technologies system out of Victoria BC, (Iridium phone tracking, data, and email capable) for $5000 Cdn per unit. It even comes with an STC!!! Bang for your buck, comparing apples to apples, the other systems are very overpriced.


When you need to make a call you have signal, and no more huge, ugly antenna's mounted to the cabin roof structure, the modern antenna is about the size of a small calculator.

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T-rex: The cost of the Iridium Telephone is in the same range as the original GPS's that came out for a/c.


Pilots do not expect your employer to provide you with an Iridium Phone without some benefit to the company.


So, educate yourself, then the Safety Officer and hope for the best.


Try the following url:www.uridium.com/


Give me a call when you get it 613 258 0252.


Cheers, Don

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You can't argue the price for safety. I can be anywhere, log onto the net, and see where and what our aircraft are doing or have done. If they need me they can phone me, or I can text or phone them as well.


If there is a problem, I can forward coordinates to SAR and send a satilite picture of where the machine is!!! So Cool!



As for the price, seems we are still installing $5000 GPS units into our aircraft for our crews. The only thing now is that they have a massive storage database, moving coloured map, and an extra VHF com.

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