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Holding Fixtures

Guest Bullet Remington

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Hey stranger how''s she goin..sorry bout the by''es, no rage, but I call em as I see em...and yeah I know we are "tarred" with the same brush..v8''s are bustin loose in a town near you!!



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Guest Bullet Remington



Great to see ya back and kickin! Where ya been? Workin ya tail off??


Per our earlier conversation, a while back, things are comming together very well. Slowly but surely things are falling into place.


I''ll be north of you for about 4 weeks doing a "C" Check. With any luck I am going  (???) to drop down and see if we can rid BC of some of that terrible giggly pop!


Chuck been around lately? I need my divinity lessons!!

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Guest Bullet Remington



I must've done a most excellent job of "bamboozling" TC, they approved the thing today! The "new" PMI is a sharp one, been in gen aviation as well as medium plank heavy maint for a while. Sharp as a tack and a **** of a sense of humour!


As for your comment re: starting with the 5 and10, you are correct. However, I am a long ways beyond that stage. Not doing this for the 5 and 10 anymore, don't have to!



I have several business "interests" aviation is no longer the mainstay of my existence. For that I'm most grateful. 9.gif


As for your comment re: "...my opinion is always available." Wow! Definitely an understatement!9.gif9.gif


Now your comment on the fish and brewis, that was just downright mean! True, bye, but mean! I just can't find a scoff here anywhere!!15.gif


Might have to head into Gander and visit "Martha's Home of the Worlds Largets Wedgies!3.gif3.gif


Next coffee break, run over to the flying club and say **** to Stu Fairchild for me would ya? Don't know if he's still there, but he used to be the CFI and a fixture there. A great guy!

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Hey bullit,

congrats with tc...btw don''t do coffee breaks udder than at Timmey''s, can send yea a bag a brewis though..don''t know any Stu''s or any handy flying clubs,besides would not want to say "****" to a stranger as you say,anyhoo.




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Hey Bullet


Yup, been busier than a one armed paper hanger lately.. The better 1/2 decided we needed a bigger house so we just moved into it last week.. Now the fun begins as she wants this changed and that changed etc.. You know the routine..


Be great to get together for a couple pops though.. Uncle Chucky has been around a bit, just talked to him yesterday and I''m sure we could pry his butt off the island for a good BS session..


Glad to hear things are going well, I''ve been asked to come in and do a bit of consulting for that company we were talking about so I''ll try to get things moving in the right direction, if you know what I mean..


Cheers bud..

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Guest Bullet Remington

Twotter: I can definitely relate to the house thing-a-ma-bob. Been there, done that some freckin many times I''ve lost count. Can''t figure them out fer the life of me. The place is absolutely, pristine and perfect when ya buy it. How come it changes when ya move in? Go figure!!


Roge to the giggly pops, I''m workin on that, will definitely be contacting you, one way or the other.


Re: "that company" copy all that too. My previous comment, made to you in a PM stands as stated. Look forward to it! PM me if ya want to.


Louie: Thanks for the offer of the Brewis. I can get the stuff here. The problem I have is the salted fish, the salted pork fer scrunchins and some body who knows how to make it right! My Missus tried about three times, No Joy! She absolutely refuses to give it another go! Same way with seal flipper!!


Sorry about the spolling!



I meant to say, " Say HELLO" to Stu. How''s the water level doing down that way?? Ya floating yet??


Have agreat one guys.

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