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Canadian Helicopter Pilots Association

Would you join an association to represent your interests with the regulatory bodies and set safety and employment standards to be adhered to by the companies you are employed with. By-laws would be established, a corporate structure set up.  

104 members have voted

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:up: I'm with you Blackmac.

I have been thinking on this issue a lot again lately after following the 'CHC Shaft' and 'Hours' threads.


My opinion has always been: 'Why do some Operators treat the crews so poorly?'

The answer: 'Because they can!' :down:


I have never been a big union supporter, but am also not a believer in unscrupulous employers either.


I am totally for an association run by pilots, and for pilots. The only way things will change is if we act together to make it happen. TC, HAC and Labour Canada don't give a **** about the individual pilot, but each of them would take notice if they were approached by a body representative of the crews.


For some reason the operators are very afraid of the pilots organising themselves. This is really about a matter of control. Let's face it, they seem to be able to manage increases in the cost of Parts, Insurance and Fuel, but for some reason treating crews better is going to break them and the industry.

Get Real. It is just another cost to be passed along.


While I am writing this I may as well give a plug for the PHPA. I am a member and would strongly encourage every Canadian pilot to join up with Butch. He really has the best interests of all pilots at heart, and would dearly love to help us in Canada, as he has helped some of his fellow crews in the States. This is one time when our brothers over the line want to help us to our own benefit. If you don't believe this then write to Butch on the PHPA website or, better still, sign up.


I know there are some who do not agree with the idea of an association. That is fine, and it is your right. The same as it is the right of those who would like to see an association to form one.


However, to those who don't agree. Please remember to step back and refuse any benefits that may come yur way should we believers succeed in improving the lot of all helicopter pilots in Canada.

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Yes, absolutely. Despite all the sabre rattling that goes on whenever this topic is raised, it is not a matter of "if" but "when" this will come about. My belief is that the only thing that has prevented this from happening already is fear. Fear of being blacklisted by the industry. I personally don't view this as a group of disgruntled pilots trying to throw some sand in the machinery, rather it should be treated as an opportunity for pilots as a GROUP to work WITH management in an attempt to make the Canadian Helicopter Industry truely live up to it's reputation. The sense is that right now pilots are tail-rotorless so to speak with nary a collective voice whenever issues are implemented by whichever authority, whether it be regulatory or otherwise.


I also don't believe for one second that this will be an easy undertaking, but isn't it the difficult things that are worth doing? So whoever chooses to begin organising such a task you have my support, and if nobody comes forward, I would be compelled to begin on my own, because this forum and others like would suggest that the time for rhetoric is past, and it's now time to get off our collective arses.

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It's nice to see support with from actual people with positive perspective. You can elborate any time you want Kyle. Blackbeard, I am not adverse to the connection with our American friends and would not take an association with them litely. The bigger the assoc. the better.

Again that is just my opinion and the whole idea of this assoc. is to bow to the majority. Personally I am available in any way to see it happen.



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Here is a weekly PHPA update message I sent to nearly 1,600 PHPA members today who have email addresses. Thought it would give you some insight into how far PHPA has come in the fifteen months since its official launch in June of 2002. I would love to see the Canadians represented at the convention. We currently are expecting pilots from at least a dozen countries to attend.




PHPA Update

3 Sept 2003





1. The Convention

2. Lost Passwords

3. Manage Your Profile

4. Convention Hotel Reservations

5. Member Input

6: Autorotate Magazine:

7: ATP Prep Course

8: PHPA Membership Cards



The Convention: The PHPA convention is shaping up nicely. Looks like it is going to be one heck of a great time in a great city which is famous for excellent food and wonderful entertainment. Eurocopter is discussing hosting a luncheon for attendees on Friday. The FAA is sending several representatives to participate in the discussion groups. Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky are both doing presentations along with Eurocopter. The banquet is going to be superb and the variety of pilots attending from different parts of our profession is remarkable. Also, don't forget the ATP prep course we are offering. It is looking like our first convention will be one to remember.


Lost Passwords: We are still receiving an unusual number of lost password requests so I thought I would again let everyone know that on the www.autorotate.org home page there is a link for you to use to get your login information emailed to you. Just under the login form is the following Forgot your password? Click here to get a reminder! Just click on the link and follow the instructions. If you have changed email addresses and failed to make the change on the website it will not send you the information at your new address. In that case just send an email to webmaster@autorotate.org with your new and old email addresses and we will take care of it for you.



Manage Your Profile: If you wish to continue to receive "Autorotate Magazine", and email news from PHPA, it is imperative that you keep your address information up to date on the web site. To do so you must login to www.autorotate.org, go to the "Members Only" menu and scroll to the bottom to "Manage Your Profile" click on it and you will then be able to make any changes you need to make. This information is what we create our mailing list for Autorotate from and how we keep our email list up to date. We find we have on average 50 email addresses a month which are no longer any good. If you change your addresses and don't tell us we simply can't keep you informed.



Convention Hotel Reservations: If you want to make reservations at the Fairmont you can call 1 (800) 257-7544 If you make your reservations through this toll free number, please tell them you want the Professional Helicopter Pilots Association's discount.



Member Input: PHPA is looking for input from the membership. Without your ideas we simply will become stagnate. What do you want your organization to do? What improvements to the web site would you like to see? Are you willing to volunteer some time and expertise to help PHPA grow? If so, contact us at PHPA@autorotate.org with your ideas.



Autorotate Magazine: Autorotate is looking for input from the members. What would you like to see in Autorotate? Would you consider writing an article for Autorotate? How about a "There I was" story? Anonymously if you like. Autorotate is your magazine and we need your input to help keep it focused on your day to day life in the cockpit. So, any and all ideas and submissions will be greatly appreciated and given due consideration for inclusion in Autorotate.


IFALPA Meeting: The International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations www.ifalpa.org Helicopter Committee meeting is being hosted by PHPA the three days following the convention. It too will be held at the Fairmont. This will be the first time this meeting has been hosted in the US and PHPA has the honor of doing so. IFALPA is the only non-state organization which holds a seat on the ICAO committees. Consequently this pilots organization has a seat at the table anytime ICAO is looking to update, change or create new rules and regulations concerning our industry. I can't tell you how important it is that PHPA is a part of this. The meeting in New Orleans will be dealing with many of the problems which face us today both in the cockpit and in the pocketbook. Finally, helicopter pilots from around the world are coming together and learning from each other how best to accomplish our goals. It really is an amazing time in our profession.



ATP Prep Course: The Professional Helicopter Pilots Association is offering the Airline Transport Pilots (Helicopter) Written Exam course during our convention. The course, designed and presented by Airline Ground Schools, will prepare the participant to successfully complete the FAA ATP Written examination. Airline Ground Schools has been preparing aviation professionals for written exams for over thirty five years, with an average score of 95!

AGS uses a unique approach to learning developed over 35 years, based upon word recognition. You will complete a missing word, or phrase in the correct answer that sets that answer off from the other answers. By reviewing just the hi-lighted key words in the question and answer, you can review the AGS manual in less than 45 minutes.


"I've taken the ATP Written Prep course offered by AGS and found it to be the most efficient tool available. The answers practically jump out at you when you take the FAA exam." Ron Whitney, Vice President of PHPA.


AGS does not use any video tapes or diskettes in their presentation. The instructors are stand up, in your face, get the job done, "airline standards" types of people. No fluff, no unnecessary information, just a straightforward approach to assure your success on the FAA ATP Written Exam.


Reserve your seat now! Tuition, discounted for PHPA members, is only $150.00 in advance, or $160.00 for onsite registration. Consider you can easily spend over $350.00 and up on "Tapes and Disks" type courses and you can see the value of this program. All course material, the AGS manual, helicopter supplement, and FAA Computerized Testing Supplement are yours to keep.




PHPA Membership Cards: We will be printing your PHPA membership cards at the convention. Once the convention is over we will start printing the cards for those who did not get them at the convention. We will have several pictures to choose from for the background on the cards. I have included one example here to give you some idea of what the cards will look like.





See you all in New Orleans!!


Butch Grafton

President - PHPA

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It surprises me that this thread is not generating more response. Judging by the voting (86% in favour) I would say that most pilots have an interest in persuing this issue further, but are afraid to speak up.


I mentioned the connection with the PHPA because, from what Ihave seen on this forum, it does not appear that Canadian Pilots will ever be able to get their act together without some help.


Unfortunately, I do not live in Canada any longer and am not in a position to be taking this issue much further than giving any supprt I can - including financial.

For far too long the pilots in the Canadian helicopter industry have been abused by employers, receiving low pay, benefits and working conditions. IT WILL CONTINUE UNLESS WE, THE PILOTS, ACT TO STOP IT. (Sorry for shouting. I feel very strongly about this.)


I find it sad that the PHPA is having a convention this month and the country with the second largest helicopter fleet in the world has no representation.


Guys, please take the time to read Butch Harmon's post and think about what he and the PHPA is doing for the industry south of the line. :huh:

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BlackBeard, the response will build in time. Busy fire season and many of the drivers are out doing what they do best.


Definitely need this organization for positive influences to flourish and negative ones to stop. I'd join and encourage my fellow peers to join. PHPA-North America? Maybe we could encourage a larger outfit with rotating conventions in Canada and USA.

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