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Canadian Helicopter Pilots Association

Would you join an association to represent your interests with the regulatory bodies and set safety and employment standards to be adhered to by the companies you are employed with. By-laws would be established, a corporate structure set up.  

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The internet is a great medium for reaching the masses; however you need to know where to look. It also helps if you have a computer and know how to use it. Fortunately most people are aware of these limitations and probably realise that any type of aggressive membership campaign would require this forum as well other media. :P


Actually an association could you use a fellow like you as you seem to have alot of time for monitoring web traffic. Interested?

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Bubbleboy: I volunteered probably a year ago on another site, Kyle has also volunteered.


We would have to get enough people interested and there is alot of work to do yet.


Getting a total of 39 answers is not enough to get anything going.


Do we re-invent the bubble or go with a larger assoc.


My thoughts only.


Cheers and thanks for the input.


Check the amount of observers and the actual responses.

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Blackmac: What I would like to do is begin with small steps. There are individuals out there who are well versed on the requirements of starting an association: saturnman 'et al'. If I remember correctly, you don't need 100% of the drivers to start this. Start with the minimum and build form there.


The original group should be comprised of like-minded people; in that I mean people who approach an association in a positive manner. What is not needed are axe-grinders who could turn a meeting into a typical pilot whine-fest. I'm not implying that the tough issues need to be ignored, but can't you see this becoming bogged down in petty differences? Personaly I'm not in this to hold a gun to managements head. I will bail from any mention of the words "we demand" etc. at this stage of the game.


I would like to see this proposed association approach management on a level playing field and "ask" what we can do as a group of pilot's to help them: 1) raise tarrifs to where they belong 2) improve our safety record so that ideally insurance rates could begin a downward trend. There's a whole lot more but we'll save that for later. Let's face it, without those individuals with the balls to invest big money in helicopters, there's no work for pilot's. It's easier to swallow honey than sh$!.


I've spoken to several people who incidentally are not logged on to this forum (which I encourage them to do), and I've heard many great ideas for getting this started. So if you are one of the individuals just "kicking tires" on this forum, register, log on and vote. Some of us will need to find ways to contact those who are not computer types.

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The votes continue to trickle in. We're sitting at a big 2 % of everybody. A ways to go yet, but it's not impssible. So until somebody more qualified steps in, I will try to organise something for now. Some body please step in!


To all those that have voted yes: please send me an e-mail with what you think an association's primary goals should be. No lengthy diatribes about how you're first boss beat you and left you emotionally scarred for life. Point form is good for now. I just want a quick consensus as to where everybodys head is. Don't be afraid to jump in, the waters warm - mainly because I just relieved myself. Yes, the first or second steps are always the big ones but you know it will be worth it. If you could, please provide you're input before this time next week.


To all those who attempted to organise in the past: please e-mail with you're thoughts on how we can make 2% into 100%. O.K. I would be happy with 10% for now.


Have a good weekend everybody.

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Bubbleboy: I read your reply to Butch Grafton, well said and probably the vue of most people in the industry.


AME's have thier own association.


The owners have thier own association.


Pilot's just complain about getting the short end of the stick.


The industry (VFR) has been short changing itself for ages.


The best paying jobs in the industry seem to be in the offshore. (dull)


Most jobs in the VFR field are far more challenging than the two pilot IFR.


Pilots can elect to have an association and try to educate the operators to the facts of life on a civilized basis.




Form a union, that is sometimes required, but have binding arbritation.


This is the time for some PDM.

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Bubbleboy: PM me again with contact info.


To all others: I can incorporate a non-profit Association in Alberta with a generic set a bylaws in 48 hrs. All I need is 5 names, and $50. I'll put in one name (mine) and The $50. I need 4 other names, real addresses and contact info. The other four names and addresses can be from anywhere in Canada.


From there, we can set a membership drive up, strive to achieve a critical mass of a pre-determined number of members (say 50 e.g.) and then move forward on a founding meeting, held via teleconference and on-line in realtime to elect a bona-fide executive with a mandate.


So, PM me with the names and let's get this thing going.



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I like the comments and attitude of the Bubbleboy's post. Agreed totally. No disrespect meant to Kyle or the site here, but I believe that the industry has two magazines that are perused by most within the industry with interest, whether they subscribe or not. I wonder if an approach to both magazines would not be in order? I believe the responses would be greater than here and give a better insight into what a larger majority think. One way or another it is coming folks. You can agree with the idea or disagree with the idea, but it's coming. Argue all you want about when, but 'baby', she's coming. Lastly, for comparison, feast on this: in 1968 my income was $17,000 per year. By StatsCan I was in the top 11% of wage earners. There were others like me.....lots. That was wages out of Calgary, by the way. At the time, my RCMP Constable friend was making $4,500 per year after 4 years service. Same rank now exceeds $50,000 +. Then again, the industry had something called 'Designated Bases' back then. There were some 'hoops' to jump through before you just set up across the runway from someone that had been there for 20 years........and that operator across the runway had some say in it, including the other local operators. Other examples of the 'problems to be erased': 212's that go for $1,490 per hour (85 hr. contract); 'straight' Rangers that go for $499 per hour(300 hrs. per year for 3 years) and B2's at $650 per hour (casual). At least Alberta Forestry has nipped that last problem 'in the bud' somewhat.


Blackbeard ----- your last statement is exactly correct. Agreed....it is sad.

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I had some type of computer hiccup this weekend which resulted in my username and contact info being dumped. I think I got her fixed now, my apologies to those of you who tried contacting me over the weekend. To those of you who did get through, thanks for your input - all good ideas. So far we have: 1) industry recognition 2) compensation 3) safety 4) professional standards as priorities. Keep em coming boys/girls.


Saturnman: Welcome back to the fold. I will PM you with info and my $100 (the other $50 is for stamps, advertising etc). I could probably get the remaining three names by the end of today.


Blackmac: Yes it is time for helicoter pilots to come together. This effort is going to reveal a number of things about ourselves though - do we "talk the talk" or "walk the walk". Therefore I issue a challenge to all who voted "yes" so far. If you do not take it any further than voting "yes", well than the idea of an association will be pointless. An association will require all of us to continue to take an active role in our future. So please take advantage of this opportunity to speak up! Saturnman requires a few addresses, and the equivalant of a couple of cases of beer. Tough decision, I know.


Cap: I agree, those of us who frequent this site believe we have the attention of the whole industry! Of course the reality is that we have a very small percentage who are logged on. Yes, I would like to see some advertising in the current industry mags, the problem is that we all just received them so we will need to wait for the the next run. I think the objective for now should be to concentrate our efforts in the west (BC, Alta, Sask, & MB) and begin advertising in a number of strategic newspapers providing both a mailing address and 1 800 number for recruiting members. Those in the East: the reasoning for the division is geography and ease of networking. We have roughly 1300 pilots concentrated in a relatively small area. We still need your votes and help in the west, and then we will hammer the East with a membership drive.


I want to share one of my ideas of what an association could do. How about a quarterly publication? Inside would be member's marriages, engagements, births of children, deaths, etc. Recognition of of some of the wily veterans of the industry. Recipes, I keep reading about ribs. Etc, etc, etc.


Pretty harmless stuff huh, an association doesn't just have to be about money, injustice and all those things. It is what it is: "an organization of persons having a common interest".


Let's make it so. :up:

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How about a convention (Pilot's Round-up) every Thanksgiving Weekend in Southern B.C. or Alberta.

A golf course in that area should still be open, and hopefully the bar fridge is well stocked !!!!!


Hey, lookit that ! There's a Thanksgiving Weekend coming up real soon !!!!!


Let's get together, Give Thanks, whack some balls, and drink some beer.


Should be easy to organise, just pick a town, (maybe between Field and Rogers Pass) and see who shows up.

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