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Anyone Starting At Bcit Soon?


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InspectorGadget - I'm from a farm in the Okanagan, far cry from a city slicker I've lived in Van a good 2 months now.. :D


I choose bcit over NLC and okanagan college for a few reasons, but I did look into them all and found Vancouver/BCIT the most appealing.


cpelton - Thanks for the info, glad to hear there is lots of hands on. ^_^ What was your background before you went into it?? Did you read/study any of the books before you went in?


I'll be in the Afternoon program as well, looking forward to missing the traffic as I'll be coming from the north shore ... oh joy


thekingshead - If it was just for the money I could think of a few other things... thanks for the 0.02 :D


Marc - give me a few months and i'm guessing that i'll figure out what you're saying about old Grasby, electrics what? lol

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have fun at BCIT, bunch of washed up instructors that couldnt make it in the industry, be prepared for BS, after level 6 you'l be ready to get the **** outa there, the helicopter level is completely screwed up as castle is a reatrd and all your projects will take way longer than they should cause he is a power tripping idiot, electronics grasby is a beyond anal moron who is in left field most of the time, as for hands on in my experiences at bcit we ran the fulcan and thats it, if you ever get the chance to run the jetbox which is completely outdated with a C-18 and parts which you will never see plus all the parts are TX or damaged or assembled wrong cause castle doesnt have a clue stand clear, i suggest staying in the hanger while its running, very scary. in level 8 if your lucky enough to get stuck with one tooth nelson have fun the guy is a washed up pos, or mabye you'l get the penguin who is border line retarded, basically put up with all the crap the school has to offer and then if you get a decent job outa school and you dont think your special you'l realize what i just said and you start learning how things really are, basically bcit teaches you how to lockwire and some basic information, i finished up there got a good job, am licensed and have endorsements on helicopters, i suggest you go to dawson's crack for school...........if you ever see nelson telll him to go see a dentist, im sure he had a dental plan at air transat.......if your reading this nelson.......go to ****

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:huh: Whoa. Try not to hold anything back next time, Longdanger. :)




And that my friends is why these boards are fairly anonymous. We just watched someone potentially self destruct.


Sometimes anonymity is a good thing. Yeah, I'd be lining up to hire that Engineer




A good attitude can go along way in the Industry.



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