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Anyone Starting At Bcit Soon?


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so bcit start you out with the same project as nlc funny thing about that. the filling gets easier as you do more........ i think ? i may have blocket the memory of that out though so i could be wrong. it will go by quick so have fun and good luck.

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Well first week in has been great. Started in on our cable clamps (oh the joys of filing) , I love our instuctor (MacFarlane), and everyone in the class seems pretty chill! There were two exams that were pretty easy, and one for tools on monday!

So the party's begun! Lookin' to hear good things, R!

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Yeah its been a long time since i posted up;


Sooo We're into the second half of level 1!! wooohoo, hahaha those clamps took forever and they switched teachers on us so now we have Mr Yee. He's been great, love his style of teaching and those 1 1/2 lunches.. lol.


Now we're into lockwiring, aircraft structual design and metal alloys. I also did my cotter pin test yesterday.. argg, it was ok but I definitly need a LOT of practice to get a faster. There is an exam this morning on non-ferrous metals, then the lockwiring test this afternoon.


We lost two people in the first two weeks but other than that no one else has dropped/failed, (but we haven't gotten our marks back for the clamps yet) :blink:


New Guy; I'm pretty sure everyone thats gone through a TC AME M coarse in the past has done a cable clamp, all of our teachers seemed to like to rub it in that they had to make theirs out of steel so we should stop bitching as we have aluminum. :)


Anyway I'm going to go study up on the different alloys of aluminum and all that super exciting stuff!! :P

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we should stop bitching as we have aluminum. :)


Aluminum :shock: :shock: wow they are taking it easy on you guys there :lol::lol:

as 212wrench posted ares was made out of steel, though it is now a paper weight in the bottom of my tool box some were.


glad that every thing is going good for you, good luck with the test.

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