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I Hear A Huey Popping!

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If'n all ya'all want to hear a "Huey" thumpin, get a copy of "Apocalypse".


You can hear them in chorus.


Flew a 2by4 on the Ivory Coast for ONCHO and never had to wait for a taxi at any local airport.


Cheers, Don


That would be a handy tool up in the Artic where northern Time applies. You could at least give them a 20 min warning. LOL :lol:



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koalaa119 ...........try having a conversation on the ground with 35 approaching...........and coming at you "hard-down" and close to VNE where they really "CRACK".



That would be awesome. I had the priviledge once of watching the Swiss airforce practicing low level dogfighting in a mountain valley. THey were breaking the sound barrier on a regular basis. My brother and I could hardly speak they were so loud as the noise vibrated off the mountains. But 35 Bell's would be too much. :shock: Could only feel and listen to that. Awe inspiring.



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