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I Hear A Huey Popping!

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I'll take a crack at this Don, although if I remember correctly, that was about the time of my coming back to the "World" and starting up again on the civilian side. Give me a break on this because half of the present world wasn't born yet........BUT you and I were already "imbibing". :lol:


The first one I know of was CF-AHB which was a 204 with a Gnome engine in it and it looked weird to me because the tail-pipe exited on the rear-side of the engine cowling and not the rear as most know it. If I also remember correctly, it burned to the ground during a refuelling. Seems to me that it hadn't been in country all that long before that happened. All of the foregoing was the result of Autair Helicopters of St. Jean, PQ, owned by Power Corp. and one of the best darn helicopter companies that ever existed.......in my humble opinion.


The reason for the purchase was some contract in the Arctic as I recall. Again, the memory fades for the reasons stated above. Unless John Schultz or Oddly Black jump in here to answer your question, I'm afraid that mine may have to suffice :lol: :lol:. The time-frame on all this would have to be about '66-'67. I may be out a bit here because part of what I related already I was there to witness and the rest pre-dated me by a very short time-frame.

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