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New Tc Licences!


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I kinda like the idea. Can't wait to get mine.


Consider that your driver's licence has a fairly current photo, your address, description, and tons of anti-forgery bells and whistles.


Right now, if you have blue paper and a photo copier you can forge a CPL in 5 seconds. Kinda scarey.

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Worked with a CP from central BC who carried a second license with just about every endoresment imaginable on it. Sure got some second looks when he'd show up at your hanger and show it around... totally fake of course but it all other ways it looked just like the real thing ,they were green then I think???

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Ryan, I do trust that the new Licenses will be more secure and less able to be forged than a Canadian Passport. We've been a joke internationally for over 40 years because we change our security codes every 10 years only. The standing joke for many years when I was in the Far East was 30 minutes could get you two valuable things in Hong Kong..........a forged Canadian Passport and a tailor-made pure silk suit................for $50 USD. :lol:

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