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About Those Ribs........

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I don't know about Longranger but CTD got on the ferry this morning for parts east. While he may not be cooking alot of meat for the past few weeks he is eating quite a bit. He is also not distilling alot of scotch whiskey these days but he is sure....well you get the idea. It's a Holiday! For a lot of great info on cooking ribs and indeed on grilling in general log on to bbq The long slow method they use in the Southern States is talked about here and it is a great way to cook ribs. Cheers.

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B) CTD:Now that you've indeed made the turn (Victoria) and started down the back nine I too look forward to your wit, wisdom, and banter on the little screen when you get home to YOW. A rib recipe would come in handy and I promise to give credit to you. Perhaps by PM if you think McDonalds will steal it. I have been using your secret ingredient in my marinate this season with positive results. Ride carefully, there are more than enough pilots but good chefs are hard to find.


:rolleyes: :up:

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So here it is - my spin on the ribs. Having had CTD's coke soaked recipe, don't know if they can be out done, but try this sometime..


Apply a good rub to the ribs - you can buy one or make your own, pull off the connective tissue on the back side - a spoon works good to get that started. Lots of seasoning is key.


Set up some tin foil,enough to be able to wrap completely closed around the ribs . I double layer it. Throw in the ribs, lather them with some chopped onion/garlic and lots of lime juice, add a bit of water and close up the foil tight. Let them steam on a top rack on the BBQ for a good hour. may need to add some water from time to time. After the steaming, remove the ribs and finish them on the grill with your favourite sauce for a good 10 min to crisp them up a bit.


Don't use a crap sauce - bullseye is excellent as well as presidents choice hickory stuff.


I've had wicked results with this! :up:

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Here's a few really good links guys.....I'll let the great one post his recipe, I got it, use it, modify it and it freekin rocks. Makes Tony Roma's taste like ####.


You should see the neighbours and cars come by the house when I'm doing 30 lbs on the grill, the whole neighbourhood smells like a rib cookoff.








Drop me a PM if you guys want more.




R :up:

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CTD's Ribald Ribs


Buy ribs. Baby backs, not those friggen side ribs - there's reason why they're half the price. Go to Costco, they have excellent meat.


Buy Coke. How much depends on how many ribs. Let's say you have 6-9 racks of baby-backs (remember what I said...). Then you need to buy 4-5 litres of Coke.


Boil the Coke down to about half, and let cool.


Put the ribs in Zip-Loc bags with the Coke, and squeeze out all the air. You can also use a covered roasting pan, provided the ribs are covered and you have room in the beer cooler. Your wife knows this appliance as a 'refrigerator'.


Refrigerate for 12-24 hours.


Remove the ribs from the Coke at Noon. Yes, Noon. Retain about 1/2 cup of the Coke solution.


Rub them generously with a dry rub of your choice. You can buy these rubs or make your own, but the ribs will taste very much like the rub so MAKE IT GOOD. Choice ingredients for a good home-made rub would be paprika, brown sugar, salt, chili powder, cumin, etc. Rosco's links have some good recipes.


Let the rub sit on the ribs for a couple hours for best results, but if you're stuck for time, you can cook them straight away.


Preheat the oven to 300º and place the ribs in a covered roasting pan. Put the 1/2 cup of Coke solution at the bottom of the pan. You will be cooking them for about 3 hours, with a few tasks to perform along the way. The cover must remain on the pan while they're cooking.


After about an hour, drain most of the juices out of the pan with a turkey baster, and retain them in a small saucepan. After another half hour - 45 minutes, repeat.


Now you have a fair bit of juice in the saucepan, so you'll be making BBQ sauce. Thicken the mixture with brown sugar, mustard, and ketchup until you like it. Use your imagination.


Baste the ribs with your new BBQ sauce, and then suck up the new juices and return them to your saucepan. Nobody said this was going to be easy - if you want easy, go to Swiss Chalet.


After about three hours, the ribs should be falling off the bone. If they're not, keep cooking them covered.


Generously smother them with your sauce, and BBQ them for a few minutes on each side.


Beware, the BBQ sauce is full of fats, and this brings up two points:


1. The BBQ will flare up like a bad thing. Keep a 206 with a Bambi Bucket handy. Never throw beer on a fire - it is an incredible waste. Call 911 instead, and continue drinking.


2. The BBQ sauce will not keep because of the fats. Use it immediately (within a day or so) or throw it out.



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